Meet 5 popular car models sold for less than R$ 50 thousand abroad

Meet 5 popular car models sold for less than R$ 50 thousand abroad

With the federal government’s tax incentive package, last Thursday (25), the promise is that some high-end cars will cost R$60,000 less in Brazil.

However, it is like a blast for Brazilians to know that, in emerging countries, and even in developed countries, there are popular car options at dealerships with prices starting at R$30,000, in direct conversion from local currency to real.

They are shorter and simpler cars in terms of technology, size and engine power, but they do not owe much to the entry-level models sold in Brazil in terms of safety, for example.

Top 5 cars sold abroad:

Toyota Pixis Epoch – BRL 30,834

With a length of 3.3 m, the Toyota Pixis Epoch is a compact car sold in Japan in the so-called kei car segment. It has a 0.6 engine with 49 hp and 5.8 kgfm of torque and attracts attention with its average consumption of 35.2 km/L. The Pixis comes standard with 4 airbags and a brake warning system, among other safety features.

Hyundai Grand i10 – BRL 34,372

The Hyundai Grand i10 is a compact sold in other emerging markets, being 20 centimeters smaller than the HB20 sold in Brazil. Equipped with a naturally aspirated 1.2 engine of 69 hp and 9.7 kgfm, it offers an interior with a start system, multimedia center, rear air vents and six standard airbags.

Renault Triber – BRL 38,020

The Renault Triber is basically a seven-seater version of the smaller Kwid, made in Brazil. Measuring 3.99 meters in length, it maintains a 1.0 liter engine with 72 hp and 9.8 kgfm, available with a five-speed manual transmission or an automatic option. The Triber has air conditioning, hill start assist, dual airbags and traction control, among other features.

Nissan Magnite – BRL 36,000

With the same platform as the Kwid, the Nissan Magnite is a small SUV that has been successful in India. It has a modern design and equipment package that can compete with established models in the domestic market. The cheapest Magnite costs around R$ 36,000 and has the expected 1.0 engine. More expensive versions offer a 1.0 turbo engine, among other features.

Honda N-WGN – BRL 46,594

The Honda N-WGN is one of the Japanese kei cars, with a small compact size. With a length of 3.4 meters and space for four people, it has 0.6 aspirated or turbocharged engines, with powers ranging from 56 hp to 64 hp. The N-WGN offers a luxurious finish, a digital instrument panel and a comprehensive security system.

In addition to these models, there is also the Volkswagen Polo Vivo, which is the previous version of the Polo sold in South Africa, and the Kia Picanto, which is still sold in South Korea under the name Kia Morning. Both have amazing features and prices.

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