Mecca Cake, Polestar electric moped: price and technical data sheet

Mecca Cake, Polestar electric moped: price and technical data sheet

Polestar also arrived here by force: a Swedish premium brand (closely related to Volvo, and like this one controlled by the Chinese Geely) has actually started recently sale of the Polestar 2, an electric sedan that we tried it a few weeks agoand keep organizing test drives are open to the public.

Polestar Mecca cake, front 3/4 view

EVEN WITH THE PEDALS He is not happy, he also sacrifices himself two wheelers: for those who like to pedal with one traditional muscles, but also for those who prefer something effortless. After last year’s success, Indeed, Polestar presented the second limited edition of the Mecca electric moped. The first version, in Polestar’s signature, snow white color, is definitely gone sold out in a few days.

Polestar Mecca cake, back

NEWS A second edition, also in a very limited edition, includes the same small LED lamp of the previous example and High quality Öhlins suspensionbut this time it is in color Sky blue. In addition, it features a removable rear rack and convertible to different configurations, with the possibility of a second seat.


Polestar Mecca cake, background information

Polestar Mecca cake, background information

an extension of MOPED Mecca Polestar cake is moped with a 3.6 kW motor and a maximum torque of 60 Nm, capable of delivering it maximum speed – 45 km / h (therefore, the cap and liability insurance around). There are two driving modes, one that favors performance and one that gives you more freedom. There removable battery, with a capacity of 1.5 kWhin combination ensures about fifty kilometers of travel.

Polestar Cake Mecca, side notes (first edition)

Polestar Cake Mecca, side notes (first edition)

WHERE TO BUY Cake Mecca Polestar is here already on sale – also in Italy – on the website Polestar supplementdedication to accessories and products from the Swedish houseat suggested retail price 5,300 euros.



3.6kW, 60Nm


1.5 kWh

Full speed

45 km / h


50 km (mixed urban cycle)


1,210 mm

Saddle height

790mm, adjustable

The angle of the fork


Rear suspension

Olins custom


5,300 euros