McLaren was fined for the dead worker

McLaren was fined for the dead worker

McLaren was fined for negligence in the death of one of their former engineers, David Oldham, who died in a work accident seven years ago.

In October 2016, while inspecting the team’s car house at the McLaren factory from race to race, Oldham was found unconscious on the warehouse floor by his colleagues after falling from a height.

Oldham, 55, was rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, but died a day later.

When examining the roof of the trailer, the jury in the trial at Reading Crown Court into Oldham’s death found that Oldham had been working on an open-sided platform and had been inspected five times in similar conditions previously.

Although the team advised workers to stay two meters from the edge of the platform, this information was not included in the official document.

For all these reasons, McLaren was found guilty of two health and safety breaches by the relevant department [McLaren Services] He was fined £650,000.

As the Slough Observer reported, criminal judge Amjad Khan said: “This case unfortunately involved the death of Mr Oldham.

“The victims’ testimony was stark and heartbreaking, the entire family denied Mr. Oldham’s friendship.”

“The court offers its condolences and condolences to Mr. Oldman’s family.”

“For reasons unknown, Mr. Oldham fell. And what floor was he on when he fell? What was he doing at the time? There is a complete lack of evidence.

“The staff downstairs saw him fall. There was no noise, no movement, he just fell.”

McLaren was also asked to bear legal costs of £110,000.