McLaren drivers are hoping the Monaco track layout suits them

McLaren drivers are hoping the Monaco track layout suits them

McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri said that the streets of Monte Carlo, where the Monaco GP was held, would hide McLaren’s bad reputation, so they aimed to have a tougher race than Miami.

The McLaren drivers had a terrible weekend in Miami in the last race. The team expects to have a different race this weekend in Monaco than in Miami.

Although the team has improved due to the updates brought in by Azerbaijan, they have not been able to avoid a setback in Miami and the team has so far fallen far behind their top four goals. The McLaren drivers finished only 17th and 19th after having technical problems in Miami.

Asked if they could have a better race in Monaco, Piastri said: “I hope so. It’s expected to be cooler than Miami, which was one of our problems there.”

“Obviously this is a completely different track to Miami. So hopefully it will suit us a bit better. But while saying that, we also need to address the weaknesses of our car in other areas.” say.

Lando NorrisMcLaren

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Norris, whose name is often mentioned by different teams due to McLaren being behind in terms of competition, thinks that the Monaco circuit will hide McLaren’s weaknesses.

“I don’t believe this area will match Miami. Although it has similar characteristics, it also has completely different features,” Norris said.

“We’re terrible in the line, thankfully there aren’t many lines here. But we’re not good in the corners and there’s a lot of them here.”

“This is a track that we have done well in the past even when we were not very hopeful. We were 5th last year and 3rd the year before that. So we are probably doing better here than in other tracks.”

“We have brought an update in Baku. What I call an update can be 0.1 or 0.15 seconds. The effect of these can be more on some circuits and less on some circuits. Here it will probably be less.” say.

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