Mazda MX-5 is now the newest!

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The two-seater, which will go on sale in 2022, comes with increased handling features and new body colors and upholstery options. Focusing on driving pleasure for over 30 years, the MX-5 will now feature a new technology called KPC (Kinematic Stance Control) that supports the brand’s “Jinba Ittai” principle. The model, which has been in the hatchback club for 30 years, will go on sale in 2022 with new technology and refreshed visuals.

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The MX-5 will feature Kinematic Stance Control (KPC) technology. With this technology, the difference in speed between the left and right rear wheels in a corner is determined by calculations made in a fraction of a second, while a small brake is applied to the inner wheel to equalize the speed, thereby increasing the adhesion properties. of a multi-link suspension system. The KPC system, which reduces body vibration, also increases the level of comfort on fast curves and uneven roads.

KPC, which doesn’t add any extra weight to the MX-5, will be offered as standard on RF fabric and hardtop models. In the updated model, Platinum Gray body color will be offered as a new color option, while Terracotta interior color will be added as an option.