Mazda Iconic SP: this cool sports car will ‘save’ hydrogen

Mazda Iconic SP: this cool sports car will ‘save’ hydrogen

Mazda’s heart is in the right place. The Japanese just want to create a sports car that provides driving pleasure for car enthusiasts. And red is Mazda’s favorite color.

Mazda Iconic SP: lower than MX-5

The Mazda Iconic SP is a concept car for the sports car. It is red, has two doors and is 4.18 meters long and 1.15 meters high. That makes it 26 cm longer and 8 cm lower than the Mazda MX-5.

Speaking of sporty proportions: according to Mazda, the Iconic SP is purposely designed in such a way that it stands out that it drives big. This is due, for example, to the surprisingly low hood. The engine is placed further back. And there is something special going on with that engine.

Rotary motor and electric motor

Mazda is stubborn and offers its new sports car a rotary engine (!) as well as an electric motor. The power of the plug-in hybrid produces about 370 hp. That makes it almost 100 hp more powerful than its unofficial predecessor with a rotary engine, the Mazda RX-7.

Rotary motors are known for running without vibration. And compared to the traditional four-stroke combustion engine, the rotary engine has another big advantage: it is more complex. This way, Mazda can keep it low and in the middle of the car. This gives the Iconic SP a low center of gravity and almost perfect weight distribution.

The Mazda Iconic SP loves hydrogen

In addition, this rotary engine runs on different fuels. Mazda offers a hydrogen model. If so, suddenly a big responsibility rests on the broad shoulders of this cuddly sports car.

Because things don’t go well with hydrogen as a motor fuel. This desirable Mazda can solve the chicken-and-egg problem. What came first: the hydrogen filling stations or the hydrogen car? A red Mazda with a rotary engine…