Mazda Iconic SP (2023): an electric look at the MX-5

Mazda Iconic SP (2023): an electric look at the MX-5

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Tim Neumann


  1. Price: The start of the Mazda Iconic SP (2023) series is still unclear
  2. Drive: Wankel meets lightning
  3. Exterior: Sports car design in a compact space
  4. Interior: lots of motorsport flair

At the 2023 Japan Motor Show, the Mazda Iconic SP is a study that is intended to transfer driving pleasure into the electric age and may also foreshadow the future Mazda MX-5.

Price: The start of the Mazda Iconic SP (2023) series is still unclear

Sharp proportions, sporty lights and constantly popping out – we are not talking about the first Mazda MX-5 from 1989, but rather the Mazda Iconic SP. The Japanese brand presented the study at the Japan Motor Show 2023. A year earlier, it appeared online for the first time as the Mazda Vision Study and we have already discussed it here. Although little has changed with the powerful silhouette since then, Mazda has now revealed the first technical data. However, the possible series launch and price are still up in the air. Also interesting: Tips for our products on Amazon

Mazda at the Japan Motor Show 2023 in video:

Drive: Wankel meets lightning

Mazda has always been known for various technical solutions, and the Mazda Iconic SP (2023) too: The study is based on a two-disc rotary engine in the middle of the car, which serves as a generator for the car’s battery. The energy produced in this way is transmitted to one or more electric motors for the wheels. The concept car has already entered series production in lightweight form on the Mazda MX-30 R-EV. In addition to the greatly increased output of 370 hp (272 kW), what is new is the option to fill the Wankel engine with different fuels. The engine should be able to burn hydrogen and e-fuel, among other things.

Exterior: Sports car design in a compact space

With its dimensions of 4180 mm in length, 1850 mm in width and 1150 mm in height, the Mazda Iconic SP (2023) is as compact as the current MX-5, but much smoother. Flared fenders, a flat hood and a rear end that ends in a spoiler lip all contribute to a very tight look. The absolute eye-catchers are undoubtedly the narrow pop-up lights and swan-wing doors. While the latter are likely to be the first to be affected by the red pen, the fancy headlights would also look good on the next-generation MX-5.

Interior: lots of motorsport flair

Mazda Iconic SP (2023)
Photo: Mazda

In the interior, the Mazda Iconic SP (2023) lets the pictures do the talking instead of the words from the media. We see a slimmed-down, sporty cockpit, whose blue Alcantara upholstery gives it a premium feel. Interestingly, the driving programs are operated via four sliders on the center console, while the rev-controlling rockers dominate the lowered steering wheel. Directly behind it, Mazda has installed a molded display with all the driving information. On the right side, contrary to the current model, there is a floating infotainment display. You sit on carbon bucket seats.

Tim Neumann
Tim Neumann

Our conclusion

With the Iconic SP, Mazda continues with the fun subversion. With its open technology approach and sporty yet accessible look, the study embodies a combination that is currently unmatched. Meanwhile, the press release also reads as if the brand no longer believes the MX-5 has a future in its current form. It remains to be hoped that the Iconic Roadster will be added to the SP in the foreseeable future.