Mazda believes that electric vehicles should have smaller batteries and lower emissions

Mazda believes that electric vehicles should have smaller batteries and lower emissions

One of the biggest problems with electric cars today is related to limited autonomy and poor charging infrastructure, but Mazda believes this happens because people still don’t understand the purpose of a zero-emission car.

That’s because, according to the CEO of the brand in the United States, Jeffrey Guyton, models with large batteries and high autonomy have their days numbered.

This speech even reflects well on the Mazda MX-30 concept, a modern electric model, but one of the biggest obstacles to sales is limited autonomy – although the brand has announced a version with autonomy extensions.


But for an executive, an electric car should only be used to fulfill his daily trips – such as from home to work, taking the children to school, etc. And when people use the range of the burning car as a criterion, the purpose of giving zero is lost.

When drivers understand this [que o elétrico é para trajetos curtos]they will also understand that an electric car with a smaller battery and a shorter range than desired would be the best solution.”

Jeffrey still believes that, over time, when the electric car becomes more popular, the user will have a different view on it and will understand that using it for a very long trip will be completely unnecessary.

The bright side of this thinking by Mazda’s CEO is that, with less capacity, batteries will take less time to charge, and charging stations will be more available.

In addition, resources to build electric vehicle components will be put to better use. After all, with a smaller battery, more models can be produced at a higher speed, which will increase the speed of the electrical process.

But, on the other hand, consumers will need to have more than one car at home (whether it’s a combustion or an electric car with great autonomy). After all, how to travel between one city and another done, for example?


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