Mate Rimac Sells Nera For The First Time To The Nation 16 Years After Starting His Car Company

Mate Rimac Sells Nera For The First Time To The Nation 16 Years After Starting His Car Company

Mate Rimac (pronounce his name correctly, Rimatz, please; he’s got it) is a name that needs absolutely zero introduction to anyone with a modicum of automotive knowledge. Chances are, if you’re familiar with the existence of cars, you’ve probably heard of them. Still, one thing was missing from his long list of notable achievements: a client from his native Croatia.

That long unfulfilled wish came true today when the legendary supercar maker gave its first prototype to a Croatian man on the premises of Manhattan Motorcars, Rimac Automobili’s local dealer. Why a New York theme party? Because that’s where the customer lives now – he’s been doing it for the last 25 years.

The customer is Dr. Branko Škovrlj, a neurosurgeon who came to fulfill his American dream in 1999 as a Rotary exchange student in Council Grove, Kansas. The Croatian student and future car owner received a basketball scholarship and completed his undergraduate studies at Clayton State University in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating in 2005 (Magna Cum Laude, I should mention), his career soared in the field of neuroscience, and he is a recognized expert in that very precise field.

A very successful drug, too – Nevera has all kinds of things, but not in small quantities – from high speed to power to price, everything about the Croatian dream machine is the best. Nevera’s starting price is $2.2 million, so the good doctor has deep pockets. And he got every penny’s worth out of his land missile shopping experience.

Photo: Rimac Automobili

According to the automaker, the doctor stumbled upon Rimac Nevera through a video on YouTube. Having the same Balkan roots and the same path in life – starting from scratch and making it to the top – Dr. Škovrlj expressed his interest in buying one of the 150 units in the limited production run.

You’ll be fully satisfied when you pay through the nose for two unique chairs that make less noise than a wristwatch. The Croatian doctor was invited to meet the team creating Neveras, visit the facility, and state his preferences. Characteristic or accidental, the 26 kilometers (16 miles) of wires attached to each Rimac Nerva prompted a neurologist to compare the neurons in the said brain.

Mate Rimac’s first Croatian customer (although he lives in America) went for a Predator Black ‘Fantasy’ over Red Blaze leather to match the shiny red brake calipers behind the Infinitus wheels. However, the good stuff in his Nevera – and in all other Neveras, for that matter, doesn’t come from the satin black oiled metal or the perforated seats with Rimac’s signature stitching but from what lies between the four electric motors.

The Nerva boasts 1,914 PS and 2360 Nm (1,887 hp and 1,741 lb-ft), and last spring, it broke 23 speed, acceleration, and standstill records in one day. Among those achievements, a 0-60 mph (97 kph) time of 1.74 seconds, a quarter mile of 8.25 seconds, and a 0-250 mph/400 kph-0 time of 29.93 seconds would make a fighter jet green with envy. If you want to relive the test and see the full list of Nevera ‘mosts’ and ‘tops,’ click the video below.