Maserati is not ruling out a return to Formula 1 for a long time

Maserati is not ruling out a return to Formula 1 for a long time

Maserati CEO Davide Grasso does not believe that a return to Formula 1 in the near future is not a reality for them.

Maserati recently announced that it will be on the Formula E grid as a new manufacturer from the 2022-23 season.

This was an unexpected decision and generally surprised everyone. Because Maserati was not in the world of motor sports for many years.

Now owned by the Stellantis Group, the return of Maserati is said to be not limited to the Formula E alone.

Maserati participated in Formula 1 from 1950-1958 and even won the championship with Juan Manuel Fangio in 1957.

After returning to Formula E, there has been talk of whether they will enter Formula 1 in the future, and the first reports are that this could happen.

Brand CEO Grasso said that this is not possible at the moment, but they may do something like this in the future.

Asked if Maserati would join more series, Grasso told ABMS: “My friend Stefano Domenicali [Formula 1 CEO’su] You mean the other championships led by?”

“Time will tell. Formula 1 is a world-class series and the most important championship for racing cars. There is a lot of competition there.”

“Maserati has been there in the past, winning the world title with Juan Manuel Fangio. So the question is not out of context, but there is nothing like that on the agenda at the moment.”

Formula 1 aims to attract more teams and developers to the game in the future. In this context, Audi and Porsche are expected to enter Formula 1 in 2026.

Jean Behra, Maserati 250F

Photo: Sports Pictures