Marketing ST010, Moduit Partners and BMW Tunas and Hustle House Gym

Moduit Markets ST010. Photo: Moduit, JAKARTA – The government issued ST010 Green Retail Sukuk, in line with the increased possibility of reducing the interest rate based on controlled inflation, as well as the strengthening of the rupiah exchange rate.

Currently, Bank Indonesia’s interest rate is at 5.75 percent and it is highly likely that BI will lower its reference rate of BI7DRRR in the third or fourth quarter of 2023.

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According to the Head of Research and Investment Connoisseur Moduit, Manuel Adhi Purwanto, and the forecast that interest rates will decrease, now is the right time to invest in bonds.

“From a perspective, interest rates are more likely to fall, so this is the right time to invest in bonds to close coupons while prices are still high,” Manuel said in his statement, Friday.

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The reason, continued Manuel, if interest rates are lower, the next bond’s coupon will also be lower.

More about ST010, this investment vehicle which is aimed at individual Indonesian citizens only offers a floating floor yield on deposit interest, as well as a low tax of 10 percent.

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In addition, ST010 offers the possibility of an increase in the coupon if the benchmark interest rate rises again, but it will not fall below the first coupon.

ST010 is available in two options, namely ST010 T2 with a coupon of 6.25 percent and maturing on June 10, 2025 and ST010 T4 with a coupon of 6.4 percent that matures on June 10, 2027.

This means that if you invest IDR 1,000,000,000 in the 4-year tenor ST010, the annual return after tax is IDR 57,600,000.

For interested investors, the offer period for wakalah bond series will open on 12 May 2023 and end on 7 June 2023.

Apart from offering attractive potential investment returns, the product is considered safe because it is guaranteed by the government and BUMN’s core assets and government projects in 2023.

Another advantage is that although government bonds are worthless which cannot be traded on the secondary market and cannot be canceled until maturity, there is a possibility of receiving a portion of the principal redemption before maturity, which is commonly known as an early redemption facility.

One of the advantages of investing in ST010 is that investors do not need to spend a lot of money.

Investments in both of these product options can be ordered with a minimum of IDR 1 million and a maximum of IDR 5 billion per transaction.

ST010 procurement is also facilitated by the possibility of online procurement through government distribution partners and sub-partners, one of which is Moduit.

“Moduit hopes that the community can participate in the development. We believe that the digital power that Moduit has can help the public gain access to a variety of trusted investment products,” said Moduit’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Ari Prastowo.

Additionally, to sell the ST010 product, Moduit is working with BMW Tunas & Hustle House Gym.

The partnership with BMW Tunas makes it possible to bring home the new BMW 320i Sport by simply paying the car payment and investing 4.6 billion in ST010.

During this limited period, customers will also get special benefits from Moduit of up to 25 million.

Partnership with Hustle invests 500 million in ST010, you have been able to do fitness for 2 years.

This is also possible because the monthly payment from ST010 can cover the gym for 20 months and Hustle offers free membership for 4 months. (rdo/jpnn)

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Editor & Writer: M. Rasyid Ridha