Market overview: used family car, suitable for winter conditions, up to PLN 40,000.  |

Market overview: used family car, suitable for winter conditions, up to PLN 40,000. |

A used car for winter conditions? The offering of French manufacturers will include at least several interesting proposals.

Winter is a very demanding time, not only for hard-working road workers. Winter driving is also a test of our driving skills, the technical condition of cars and their attractive features. By choosing wisely, we will ensure more safety for ourselves and our family during this period.

Even the most advanced electronic systems cannot replace all-wheel drive, this also applies to very old systems. Overcoming snow-covered – and not only – mountain roads with the help of a four-wheel drive will be a problem-free task. I think many of us, being in the mountains in winter, have experienced traction problems – which even chains could not solve.

Peugeot 508 RXH

Peugeot chose the original, not to say the least, way of implementing four-wheel drive in the 508 RHX model. PSA engineers decided to create a unique hybrid car that, instead of a simple gasoline engine, used the well-known 2.0 HDI diesel engine with a power of 163 HP. Only a good diesel drove the front wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission – this is the biggest problem with this version, it beats, changes and is not very long. A 37-horsepower electric motor with a small battery is mounted on the rear axle.

A fully functional 508 RHX can cover several kilometers in electric mode; in everyday life, the system turns off the combustion engine in certain situations, while in other situations the units work at the same time, ensuring high performance and traction. In terms of performance, the 508 RHX is no different from the regular versions, it impresses with its comfort and safety equipment and spaciousness. In addition, it is perfect for long trips. The use of an additional electric motor in practice only improves traction in difficult conditions; no benefit in terms of fuel consumption.

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Citroen C-Crosser in Peugeot 4007

A completely different proposal is the Citroën C-Crosser or the twin Peugeot 4007, the first real SUVs from the French concern. The PSA concern could not prepare a production-ready model and implement the entire technological process on its own in a short time. In this case, the French took a shortcut by buying a finished product from Mitsubishi. The choice fell on the second generation of Outlander – French clones were produced at the same Japanese factory. Differences were limited to the front fascia and slightly modified rear lights.

An aesthetic body is not attractive with its appearance. Unfortunately, regardless of the manufacturer’s mark on the hood, rust is a big problem. Rust also attacks non-accident vehicles, reducing the number of people on the market. Repair of bodywork is also hampered by poor availability of spare parts. In the interior, the only change compared to the Japanese original is the markings on the steering wheel. Hard materials are tightly packed but are slightly susceptible to scratches.

The seats do not guarantee the comfort known from the designs of the owners of PSA concern – they are covered with ecological leather as an option. C-Crosser / 4007 makes up for some limitations and spaciousness. Tall people will find a good place in the front seats. We can successfully install two child seats in the back seat. The options list also included two emergency seats hidden in the trunk floor. It must be honestly admitted that the soundproofing of the interior is also mediocre at best.

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The equipment includes automatic air conditioning, rear-axle drive more often than not, basic safety systems, cruise control, leather upholstery, and multimedia straight from the electronics store. The range of car units is very limited. The only petrol engine, rare on the market, is a Mitsubishi 2.4 16V with 170 HP, with indirect fuel injection. The diesel on offer is the familiar 2.2 HDI model producing 156 HP – and this configuration works best. When buying a C-Crosser or 4007, we must budget for bodywork intervention.

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