Marco: Annoyed Hamilton-AlphaTauri is not for sale

Marco: Annoyed Hamilton-AlphaTauri is not for sale

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko talked about two of his favorite topics in a recent interview. Lewis Hamilton and AlphaTauri.

In his characteristic style, the Austrian technical advisor of the champions commented on the latest rumors that they wanted. Hamilton to Ferrari from 2024.

“There is two things that bother Hamilton a lotMarco said. “The first one is how he is no longer the world champion. And it will be difficult for him to do it again in the future. He knows that there is no place for him in Red Bull. Besides, it is doubtful if Ferrari will give him a better chance than Mercedes,” he added.

For Mark it, but there’s something else the British can’t dig. “Apart from the competitive side, though, Lewis he is also unhappy because he is no longer the highest paid driver. Currently that is Max Verstappen. At least in this area Ferrari can help him” noted the Austrian.

At the beginning of the week there were rumors about the future of Lewis Hamilton. The Italian and British press wanted Lewis to agree a proposal of more than 45 million dollars from Ferrari.

As we wrote at the time, This is not the first time we read rumors like this to Hamilton. Especially when he is negotiating a new contract with Mercedes. Yesterday, all parties involved denied it that there was any communication between the Briton and the Scuderia. Besides, we’re looking at it anyway such a move would be pointless, especially for Ferrari.

AlphaTauri is not for sale

Marko, however, also spoke about his future AlphaTauri. “We have made our decision. Red Bull will retain full ownership of AlphaTauri. It will definitely continue to work as a young Red Bull team.”

In addition, Marko noted that the cooperation of the two groups it will be thin. Of course, always within the legal framework. According to Austria moving most of AlphaTauri’s operations to the UK will help in this.

AlphaTauri currently has two engineering staff. One in Faenza, Italy and one in Bicester, England. Marko also thinks so the arrival of Mekiz and Bayer from 2024 will strengthen the operational capabilities of AlphaTauri.

“The expertise that Peter (ss Bayer) has acquired at the FIA ​​is amazing. It will definitely help AlphaTauri but also indirectly Red BullMark insisted.

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