Made specifically for our country, the new Mercedes Benz E-Class is coming

Mercedes-Benz opens a completely new page in this segment in 2023. The E-Class has the traditional three-volume sedan proportions (Length: 4,949 mm, Width: 1,880 mm, Height: 1,468 mm). The long hood of the car, which has a short extension of the front axle, is followed by a cockpit set far back. The glossy surface, similar to the radiator panel of the Mercedes-EQ models, serves as an aesthetic link between the redesigned sports lights and the radiator grille.

Interior design highlighted by MBUX Superscreen

The dashboard prepares the interior for a unique digital experience. While the E-Class is equipped with an optional front passenger screen, the large MBUX Superscreen glass section extends to the central screen, providing an all-round view. A full digital instrument panel, located in the driver’s field of vision, is visually separated from this design. In versions without a passenger screen, the screen is replaced by a decoration that can be offered with different options. A contrasting central screen creates a floating effect on the angular surface of this panel. Both diesel and petrol engines are powered by an integrated starter generator (ISG), apart from turbocharging. Therefore, these engine options are half hybrids. Thanks to the new battery technology, the electric motors provide 17 kW of additional power and 205 Nm of additional torque instead of 15 kW.

E 180 engine option specific to the Turkish market

In the Turkish market, two different engine options, one with petrol and one with diesel, will be offered in the first stage, E 180 and E 220 d 4MATIC.

Except for the Turkish market, the E 180 M 254 engine includes the most advanced engine technologies, including NANOSLIDE® cylinder coating or CONICSHAPE® cylinder expansion. The E180, which offers a driving experience with its rear-wheel drive, will be produced only in Turkey in the world, with a 167 horsepower (25 kW) internal gasoline engine and a 22 horsepower (17 kW) electric motor. .