Lucid Motors Is Recalling 600s of Lucid Air Luxury Sedan Units, Here’s Why

Lucid Motors Is Recalling 600s of Lucid Air Luxury Sedan Units, Here’s Why

29, 2023@11:25 WIB | 119 comments

Lucid Motors recalls (remember) 637 units of the Air luxury sedan. The manufacturer had to do this because of damage to the electric motor that could cause the car to lose power.

Lucid began investigating the problem in May 2022 after a car that lost power was brought to a service station. At first, the flaw required technicians to manually check for communication opportunities during setup, but later, Lucid released a software update.

“After analyzing fleet data, Lucid found 232 affected customer vehicles,” the company said in documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

As a repair, Lucid owners are advised to take their vehicle to a service center, where the company will update the software and replace the communication switch free of charge.

Launching Theverge, Tuesday (28/3/2023), some connectors are made with strong magnetic forces to prevent future damage.

Out of the 637 recalled vehicles, 273 have been identified, thanks to the said OTA update, by vulnerable connectors. Another 336 cars were recalled because their owners had not updated the OTA so it was impossible to tell if they had faulty connectors.

“At Lucid, the safety of our customers and their families is our top priority, and we are working to resolve this matter as quickly as possible,” read a statement from Lucid Motors.

Although it has managed to cope with the problem, however remember may affect Lucid’s credibility. Three recalls in one year isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but Lucid is a new automaker, and the Air is its first model, and at a time when building a reputation for reliability is important, the brand wants to ensure as few problems as possible. [wic/timBX].