Lovers of Favorite Cars, BMW, Porsche, Kia, Rivian, Dodge, Nissan & Honda

Lovers of Favorite Cars, BMW, Porsche, Kia, Rivian, Dodge, Nissan & Honda

Strategic Vision is a global consulting firm and consulting services organization that focuses on understanding and predicting advocacy, winning, and loyalty based on consumers’ personal values ​​and decision-making patterns.

BMW-branded vehicles topped four five-car categories, defined in the annual Strategic Vision Most Loved Vehicle™ (MLV) Awards, which examine 121 different vehicle attributes and features measured on a unique scale that captures the “top box.” of the experience of the owners Love. The BMW X4, iX (tie), 4-Series (tie), 3-Series, and i7 were all Most Liked by their owners in their respective categories. As President of the Strategic Vision Alexander Edwards explains BMW’s success, “BMW models give owners an experience they love about the car features that matter most. For example, the 3-Series offered younger buyers under the age of 30 the best Interior Experience, Driving Performance, and Front Seat Comfort, all of which are of high importance to younger buyers. For African American Luxury buyers, the BMW iX and 4-Series Coupe not only tied for first and second place, but the X4 was third, the X6 in fourth and the 5-Series Sedan in fifth!” Edwards concluded, “Consumers have come back to the market from the crisis this past year, they loved their Running Machines.”

Strategic Vision is the only global research company that uses the natural language of consumers in their in-depth research that provides an advanced seven-point scale that reflects consumers’ emotional experience of a vehicle’s discretionary quality. Senior Vice President of Strategic Vision, Christopher Chaney, explains the benefits of the Edwards Commitment Scale, “A scale that only measures ‘satisfaction’ will miss the full extent of consumer experience. No one today will give a loved one a Valentine’s Day card that reads, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day – I’m so pleased with you.’ Instead, when someone says they like a product or experience, you know that experience will lead to loyalty and advocacy. If you only measure Satisfaction, you will miss out on future sales.

Electric vehicles are increasingly providing an overall experience that their owners love, as highlighted by the Rivian R1T, which ranked at the top of all electric and gas powered vehicles for the second year in a row. Since the BWM iX also leads all gas-powered vehicles in its segment, we can see that EVs have come a long way in providing a premium experience among those for whom an EV is an option. The BMW i7 leads all Alternative Powertrain (APT) vehicles, followed by the EQS Sedan, R1T, EQS SUV, and Tesla Model S with plug-in hybrids and hybrids all making the APT list.

Strategic Vision has accurately and consistently predicted EV sales over the past forty years by listening to car customers through metrics such as Favorite Cars ratings and EV customer-reported success and compromises. “Electric vehicle owners – who can afford the costs and compromises associated with EVs – often love the driving performance and innovative technology of their vehicles,” says Vice President of Strategic Vision. Alex Hare, “However, those higher purchase prices and compromises such as recharging times, charging infrastructure and vehicle range limits, will slow overall EV sales growth, despite the wishes of those setting the agenda of policy. The key to EV adoption is reducing the compromises associated with EV ownership.

Other leaders in the latest Strategic Vision Favorite Car Awards include the Kia K5 and Carnival, both leading their categories for the second year in a row. Honda had two leaders with the Honda Civic and Honda Passport, while the Land Rover brand also had two leaders with the Defender among the top SUVs. $52,000 and Range Rover among self-identified Republicans. Leading in just one segment (African American/Mass Market), the Nissan Sentra was in the top five in multiple categories, earning it wins and honorable mentions in other categories. The Porsche 911 Coupe, Audi A5 Sportback, and Dodge Hornet also led their categories.

America’s Most Popular Cars 2023, along with their scores, are as follows.


Most Liked


Cars $40,000 and Below

Let’s go to K5


Cars Over $40,000

Porsche 911


SUV/CUV $52,000 and Under

Dodge Hornet


SUVs/CUVs Over $52,000

90 defenders



Rivian R1T


Small cars

Kia Carnival


Mass Market and Women

Dodge Durango


Luxury for Women



Mass Market by African Americans

Nissan Sentra


Luxury and African American

BMW ix/4-Series Coupe (those)


Mass Market and Latin America

Honda Civic Sedan


Luxury and Latin America

Mercedes-Benz GLE


Mass Market and Youth (29 and Under)

Honda Passport


Luxury for Young People (29 and Under)

BMW 3-Series






Range Rover


Alternative Powertrain

BMW i7


Strategic Vision is a global consulting and advisory services organization focused on understanding and predicting advocacy, winning, and loyalty based on personal values ​​and decision-making patterns. Strategic Vision’s annual Most Liked Vehicles (MLV) report is based on annual results from 82,474 new owners in the New Vehicle Experience Survey (NVES). NVES is a large integrated survey that also examines owners among all emerging markets.