Lotus Introduces Its New Logo

British car company Lotus has created a brand new logo for its 75th anniversary. This new logo will be used on all the company’s models.

Lotus, which was founded in 1948 and has produced many models till now, in honor of his 75th anniversary created a new logo. This logo, which will be used on the company’s 2023 model cars, is an important asset for the company. turning point represents.

Our car loving followers know; of the lotus yellow color It has a logo. The company has left this yellow color in the logo it created to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The company opted for a carbon fiber look instead of this color. Your new logo general structure it is largely the same as the old logo.

Introducing the new Lotus logo

You may have wondered about the letters A, B and C in the logo. These letters are the words of the founder of the company “Anthony Colin Bruce ChapmanIt comes from the name of.


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The old Lotus logo looked like this:

The new logo will be the first phase of Lotus’s 75th anniversary. One of the top executives of Lotus Matt Windle According to the information provided by the company, the company will complete the collection of the fully electric SUV model “Eletre”, which has been in the works for some time. Also, in the future an international event will be done. The scope of this event is currently a mystery.

The Eletre SUV model Lotus will introduce soon will look like this (it still has the old logo on it)


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