Listen to the remix of ‘Karma’ featuring Ice Spice and a modern version of ‘Midnights’

Listen to the remix of ‘Karma’ featuring Ice Spice and a modern version of ‘Midnights’

The modern version of Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ features a remix of ‘Karma’ featuring Ice Spice and more Lana Del Rey.

Taylor Swift is releasing a new version of her ‘Midnights’ album called ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’.

‘Midnights: Til Dawn’ includes a new remix of ‘Karma’ featuring rapper Ice Spice, as well as a new version of ‘Snow On The Beach’ featuring more Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey re-entered the studio to record a new version of ‘Snow On The Beach’, much to the delight of fans of both artists who wanted to hear more of the singer on the original version of the song included on ‘Midnights’. ‘.

The digital and physical versions of ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’ also have a separate exclusive soundtrack.

On the digital version, the bonus track is ‘Different Hits’, a track previously only available on the modern version of ‘Midnights’ which was released in physical stores.

The original version of ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’ includes an unreleased track from Taylot Swift’s Vault called ‘You’re Losing Me’.

‘Midnights: Til Dawn’ contains 13 tracks from ‘Midnights’ and seven additional tracks from the ‘3am Edition’ version of the album, including a remix of ‘Karma’, a remix of ‘Snow On The Beach’ and “Hits”. Different” / “You’re Losing Me”.

‘Midnights’, Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, was released in October 2022.

Taylor Swift broke numerous charts, streaming, physical and vinyl records worldwide with ‘Midnights’, the fastest selling album of her career.

“Midnights” recorded 1,578,000 sales in the United States in its first week of release, setting a record for the previous seven years.

It is worth mentioning that Taylor Swift is the only artist in history with five albums that sold more than 1 million in the United States in their first week of release.

Taylor Swift also became the first artist in history to dominate the entire Top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100 in one week, taking the entire top ten with her song ‘Midnights’.

Taylor Swift - Snow On The Beach (Feat. More Lana Del Rey)

In just eight weeks, ‘Midnights’ has sold over 6 million worldwide and over 3 million in the US alone.

“Midnights” premiered at No. 1 on the charts in a total of 19 countries including the US, Australia, UK, France, Germany and Italy and set the record for the first time on Spotify, amassing over 185 million streams worldwide in its first week of release. .

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift continues her triumphant ‘The Eras Tour’, during which she performs consecutive sold-out concerts at the biggest stages in the United States.

In addition to the deluxe edition of ‘Midnights’, Taylor Swift is set to release ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’, a new recording of her self-titled 2010 album, on July 7, following the release of ‘Fearless (Taylor’s)’. Version) ” and “Red” (Taylor Version) in 2021.

Taylor Swift - She Beats the Difference

Listen to the ‘Til Dawn Version’ of ‘Midnights’ on Spotify.