List of Electric Vehicles that are Bulldoze Safe on Bad Roads

TEMPO Co, Jakarta – Several places in Indonesia have road curves that are not yet possible as roads in big cities. For example, some time ago there was a lot of talk about President Joko Widodo or Jokowi inspecting damaged roads in Lampung City, South Sumatra.

During his inspection, Jokowi had to change cars because his official car, a Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard sedan, was stuck on the road which was in serious damage. This is proof that not all vehicles can cross roads that are badly damaged.

In the era of the rise of electric vehicles, there have been a number of electric vehicle models launched in Indonesia with the reliable ability to repair damaged roads. Usually this is seen from the high ground clearance to ensure that it does not get stuck when crossing rough roads.

Following Tempo provide a list of electric vehicles that are safe to use on severely damaged roads.

1. Toyota bZ4X



Toyota bZ4X is one of the electric vehicles that are considered safe for damaged roads. This electric SUV measures 4,690 mm in length, 1,860 mm in width, 1,600 mm in height and 2,850 mm in wheelbase. This car also has a low ground clearance of 177 mm, so it is safe to cross over heavily damaged roads.

As for the heart rate monitor, the bZ4X carries an AC synchronous electric generator that produces a maximum power of 150 kW or equivalent to 201 HP and 266.3 Nm of torque. With this drive motor, this car is enough to provide instant torque to pass steep tracks.

Toyota bZ4X is sold with a tag of IDR 1.190 billion.

2. Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai’s flagship electric car, the Ioniq 5, has dimensions of 4,635 mm in length, 1,890 mm in width, 1,650 mm in height and 160 mm in ground clearance. The ground clearance is 17 mm different from the bZ4X and it is quite safe to run on badly damaged roads.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has a Permanent Magnet Synchronous engine, rear wheel drive (RWD). The drivetrain is capable of producing 170 PS of power for the Standard Range model and 217 PS for the Long Range model, along with 350 Nm of torque.

Regarding the price, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is priced from IDR 748 million to the more expensive IDR 859 million. This price is on the road (OTR) for DKI Jakarta.

3. BMW iX

The BMW iX electric car has dimensions of 4,953 mm in length, 1,967 mm in width, 1,595 mm in height, and 202 mm in ground clearance. This car has high enough clearance so it is safe to cross steep roads.

As for the kitchen spur, the BMW iX xDrive40 has an electric motor that produces 326 HP and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in 6.1 seconds. The consumption of electric power on the BMW iX is claimed to average less than 20 kWh per 100 km.

The BMW iX xDrive40 is priced at IDR 2,267 billion off-road.

4. Kia EV6

Kia’s first electric car in Indonesia has dimensions of 4,695 mm in length, 1,890 mm in width and 1,550 mm in height. This vehicle is considered safe to cross over rough roads because it has a ground clearance of 178 mm.

The Kia EV carries an electric motor that produces a maximum power of 320 HP and 650 Nm of torque that is directed to the all-wheel drive, aka all-wheel drive (AWD). With that much power, you don’t have to worry about the car not being able to overcome broken or steep roads.

The Kia EV6 is sold in Indonesia at a price of IDR 1.299 billion on the road (OTR) DKI Jakarta. This price includes a Wall Charger to charge the battery at home.

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