Lincoln believes in championship – New Post

Lincoln believes in championship – New Post

Wearing a Fenerbahçe jersey, Lincoln Henrique made an important statement to the media of his country.

Speaking to O Jogo, Henrique said, “Jorge Jesus spoke to me before coming to Fenerbahce. He convinced me, he is indeed a great coach. I already knew Turkey. I stayed on loan at Rizespor when my testimony was Gremio. “I like its culture and tradition. It is a very strong and competitive league. There are great players in every team.” he used expressions.

“We still have a chance”
Speaking about his team’s hopes of winning the championship, Henrique said, “The championship is not easy, but we still have a chance, I will pray for my teammates to win, we can still aspire to the championship.” he said.

Saying that his meeting with Jorge Jesus was effective in his transfer, the Portuguese soccer player said, “My meeting with Jesus was effective in my choice of Fenerbahçe. He asked me what I thought about the team and the league. I told him about my experience during Çaykur Rizespor. Talking to him made the transfer easier for me.” say.

Speaking about his injury, Henrique said: “I got the worst injury a football player can get. I have missed at least 2 weeks with my injury. Now it will last until October, I love to play, so I will work and come back stronger.” he finished his speech.