Like Today: Hamilton’s “roller coaster” in Monaco

Like Today: Hamilton’s “roller coaster” in Monaco

The history books of motorsport and F1 are full of interesting stories that have been left to be forgotten. Let’s look at the most important events that happened today.

How many Monaco Formula 1 Grands Prix can fit into one day? The answer is below, as well as when motorsport lost its greatest and fastest driver. Plus, we’ll know when McLaren first he won 500 miles of Indianapolis.

Read below what happened Like today26/5, in the world of Formula 1 and motorsport.

Like today in 1955just five days after his fatal accident in the Monaco GP where he fell into the sea, o Alberto Ascari he was killed at the Monza circuit. The Italian driver intended to participate in the endurance race of 1000 km plus Eugene Castellotti and one Ferrari 750 Monzaall with a special license from Lancia which they represented in F1. Unfortunately he lost control in the Curva del Vialone, was seriously injured and a few hours later, he died from his injuries. THE soldier he was only 36 years old and made his debut in F1 by winning two titles in 1952-1953.

Like today in 1963Ya Graham Hill scored his first of five victories at the Grand Prix of Monaco, driving a BRM P57. The British champion was behind his teammate for most of the race Jim Clark, until he retired on lap 78 with a broken gearbox. THE Richie Ginther they finished second to BRM’s 1-2, and Bruce McLaren to “close” the podium.

Like today in 1968five years after his first victory in the Monaco GP, o Graham Hill he won for the fourth time on the roads of the Principality, this time in a Lotus 49. The race saw 11 of the 16 drivers retire after just 16 laps due to accidents and mechanical problems. So, only 5 cars left for two hours of racing, and A thousand fight with his BRM P126 Richard Atwood until terminated. Atwood set the fastest lap and took his first and only podium in F1, as did the Belgian. Lucien Bianchi and his third place. In fact, Bianchi’s podium was the last for his team Cooper.

Like today in 1974Ya Johnny Rathford captured his first of three victories in the 500 miles of Indianapolis after 11 attempts, after only 25 starts and one McLaren M16C. This was the brand’s first victory in motorsport’s Triple Crown.

On this day, also in 1974late Ronnie Peterson he recovered from a lap 6 mistake at Raskas corner to celebrate at the Monaco GP. The race was very interesting, where a total of 7 cars retired after a series of accidents in the first lap, and by the 11th lap another 5 retirements had been added. Petterson took advantage of the Ferrari driver’s retirement, won and was sidelined on the podium Jody Schechter and Jean-Pierre Jarrier.

Like today in 2002Ya David Coulthard He won the Monaco GP for the second time in his career, despite being under pressure for almost the entire race Juan Pablo Montoya and Michael Schumacher. His guide to Colombia Williams he had started from pole position but did not get off to a good start, losing the lead at turn 1 to the Scot at McLaren. Engine failure forced Montoya out of the race shortly after the halfway point, and Coulthard narrowly preventing Schumacher from recording the team’s second (and final) victory over Ferrari that season.

Like today in 2013Ya Nico Rosberg won for the first time in the streets of the Principality of Monaco, almost 30 years after a similar victory of Keke’s father. His driver is German Mercedes he was on the side of the stage with his guides Red Bull Racing, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. THE Mercedes he had a chance to make the result 1-2, but a bad strategy Lewis Hamilton, threw him behind the “cow”. The match went down in history for the mistakes that happened in the second half. It was initially abandoned on lap 45, following a collision at Tabac’s mid-corner Pastor Maldonado and Max Chilton.

Like today in 2019Ya Lewis Hamilton won the Monaco GP for the third time, in a three-day race overshadowed by the recent death of the deceased. Niki Lauda. His Guide to England Mercedes he faced a major challenge when the team put the wrong rubber in his tires at the pit-stop on lap 11, forcing him to retire in the second leg of the race with low levels of grip. Fate created a roller coaster behind him, stopping him Max Verstappen which “carried” a penalty of 5 seconds. The Dutchman tried to pass him without success Hamilton on lap 76, diving on the brakes at the chicane after the tunnel, with a penalty dropping him to 4th in the final standings. As a result, many British champions were sidelined on the podium and Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Botas.

Photo: f1hardpics/twitter