Lexus will offer a manual by wire in Europe in 2024 and Toyota a year later

Lexus will offer a manual by wire in Europe in 2024 and Toyota a year later

the arrival of wireless operating systems In cars it is a must. We knew that Lexus y Toyota they already had theirs “One Motion Grip” technology. ready to be released in Japan next year. According to Automotive News Europe, it will arrive a little later on the Old Continent.

He Electric Lexus RZ will be the first to put this technology in Europe at the end of 2024; Just one year later, it will be Toyota bZ4Xwhich should also arrive with new yoke steering concept which we have already seen before, for example, in Tesla.

Lexus steering-by-wire would go with a yoke-shaped steering wheel like the one pictured.

This system of “by wire” address It’s not exactly new, as Nissan offered it as an option on its Q50 a decade ago. However, regulatory requirements and poor technological development meant that it was not popular.

That could change now with the system that Lexus and Toyota already have ready: European regulations require that this technology has two electric motors and two control units, if any of them fail. Let’s remember that, in the “by wire” or cable steering system, there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels.

That is to say, the steering column has been removed: The sensors on the steering wheel are the ones that send impulses to the electric motor that moves the wheels through different functions and electronic systems. It saves weight, mechanical components are eliminated and precision and comfort are achievedas the steering wheel does not transmit the shock to the driver’s hands.

The Japanese brand’s “One Motion Grip” technology is second generation: The first had a turning angle of 180 degrees, while the second has improved to 200 degrees. Depending on the driving conditions and other factors, the electronic control unit can deal with steering response.

Some media were able to measure the progress on the test track in Nagoya, Japan, and reported that The driving sensation was like that of a car with a conventional steering wheel.

This is what it’s like to drive an electric car with a manual transmission. Toyota will take over production

Future future: also without pedals?

Toyota’s technological development in relation to the electric car has left us other interesting patterns Like manual changes for this type of vehicle, but also a drive-by-wire system which, in addition, provides for pedals.

The system, called Neohas lever on the steering wheel itself for acceleration and braking. This technology is not expected to arrive in the short term, although it could be a good solution for people with limited mobility and, in the future, for self-driving cars the new generation.

Source | European Car News