Lexus will launch its electric car with manual transmission!- SDN

Lexus will launch its electric car with manual transmission!- SDN

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The Lexus division, which Toyota founded 33 years ago to sell luxury cars in the United States, has become an internationally recognized brand that is sold in more than 90 countries. Now, it continues its innovations in electric vehicles. Lexus is developing a new electric car with a manual transmission.

Lexus has created an electric car with a manual transmission!

The all-electric Lexus LFA will soon hit the production line. However, there are 3 main names that draw attention to this car. The first of these is that it will offer a range of approximately 700 km. Considering that this car is a high-performance sports car with high utility, this value is quite high.

In second place is that it will complete the acceleration from 0-100 in 2 seconds or less. It was thought that the only car coming off the mass production line that could reach this value would be the new Tesla Roadster. But Lexus can take an unexpected step here.

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The third major topic is the manual transmission in the new all-electric LFA model, which will be sold by Lexus. Although it’s something we haven’t seen much of in cars with internal combustion engines, the idea of ​​bringing manual transmission enthusiasts together with an electric motor is very appealing.

In the video we share the link below, you can see the manual transmission developed by Toyota and Lexus for electric vehicles.

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