Lexus Sevilla presents the new Lexus LBX with a fashion show

Lexus Sevilla presents the new Lexus LBX with a fashion show

Nimo Grupo has celebrated the presentation of the new Lexus LBX in Lexus Seville centers marked by design and beauty, combining the presentation of the innovative Lexus LBX model, with the creations of international designer collections.

The event had a unique parade organized by Principle designers and stars Felipe Duque, Carol Vargas and Krowin Ressprog, who stood out with their avant-garde creations. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a mix of fashion and talent, showcasing the synergy between innovation in mobility and high fashion.

Among those who attended the event were celebrities from the fashion industry and Sevillian society, as well as specialized media, and customers of Lexus Seville, who contributed to creating a dynamic and dynamic environment.

The best Japanese brand, represented by the new Lexus LBX, won over the audience, with a combination of high-quality design, impeccable craftsmanship and a strong purpose of Your group supporting talents and entrepreneurship of young people were the most touching aspects of this day.

“We are very excited about the arrival of the new Lexus LBX, which will allow us to add new customers to our flagship brand,” he commented. Joaquín Meseguer, Director and CEO of Nimo Grupo.

“This event not only marks the beginning of a unique model, but also a celebration of creativity and innovation in Sevillian style,” commented Rosario Nimo, Director of Nimo Grupo and Head of Customer Quality at Lexus Seville.