Lexus LM is a luxury car that avoids nausea and has a 48-inch TV – Quatro Rodas

A Lexus has been making leaps in design and technology in its models; “new look”, as a luxury sub-brand of Toyota. No part escapes this revolution, and the new Lexus LM is proof of that. The luxurious minivan has been further refined and is breaking the boundaries of Asia, also arriving in Europe in its new generation.

Summary of LM (abbreviation of the course of luxury) is an internal matter, which had the support of private aircraft manufacturers. They shared a customer survey that answered their definition of “luxury”. Ultimately, luxury interiors are less about technology than about being able to relax physically and mentally, they concluded.

Therefore, there was a lot of attention to armchairs. The most luxurious version of the LM has only four, with plenty of room for each. The design of the seats seeks to reduce head movements caused by vehicle vibration – which is also reduced by the low center of gravity of the seats. The windows are as large as possible, as, according to Lexus, this contributes to reducing motion sickness.

Even the contact points on the back of the neck have been changed to transfer pressure to the upper back and avoid discomfort. More details of skilled desks include the difference in upholstery that strikes a balance between softness and durability and, of course, the possibility of transforming the chairs into comfortable beds.

Technology, however, was not lacking. In addition to the rear center console, Lexus has installed a roof panel, which allows access to various functions. These include a 23-speaker Mark Levinson sound system.

There is also Climate Concierge air conditioning, which uses different sensors to ensure that the occupant receives adequate air conditioning in their seat. It works by heating the seats (which even includes a special heater in the neck area), and features Panasonic’s nanoe-X technology which is used to soften hair and skin.

None of this, however, is as impressive as the large 48-inch TV in the first row divider. In addition to HDMI inputs, it is possible to split the screen into two, serving the front residents individually. Watching it is possible even at a very low volume, after all, the speaker also provides frequencies that cancel out external noise and promote an excellent level of silence on board.

The concern is that “better” here does not mean complete silence. According to the Japanese, acoustic insulation similar to that of a studio, for example, can make a tour uncomfortable. The idea is to filter out unwanted noise that competes with human speech frequencies, without exaggeration.


With great affection for the passengers, it seems the driver has been forgotten. On the contrary: the panel fulfills what is expected of a professional driver, with a large digital instrument panel and a floating multimedia center. Gear selection and other controls are easily accessible via the center console, and the camera system makes driving the minivan easy.

To describe the feeling of driving the LM, Lexus uses the word “tazuna”. It is an idea that comes from the Japanese and is used to describe the intuitive way in which the pawn controls its knight, with subtle movements that perfectly reflect its order.

In Europe, only the standard 350h hybrid version will be sold. It combines a 2.5 Atkinson cycle engine to electric, with all-wheel drive and 250 hp and 24.4 kgfm. The torque setting is constant (also with an eye on passenger comfort) and it is possible to play 100% of the traction in front or up to 80% in the back.

The mechanical set still includes adjustable dampers, structural reinforcement on torsional parts of the body. At the same time, non-structural points are reduced in weight by using aluminum or thin steel. With a length of 5.13 m and a width of 1.89 m, the Lexus LM still has level 2+ car automation, closing an impressive set.