Lexus is sending a limited edition Hokkaido to Europe for the LC coupe and convertible

Lexus is sending a limited edition Hokkaido to Europe for the LC coupe and convertible

The luxury LC model gets a smaller version named after the island of Hokkaido, which is famous for its volcanoes and beautiful roads.

Hokkaido is a volcanic island in northern Japan. The island full of volcanoes, national parks and roads is a bit of Lexus country. Šibec test circuit is located on the island, which has up to five layouts. The route is surrounded by forests and typical Japanese villages. The quality of Lexus, the LC model, is also tested here. Now he has received a small version named after the famous island.

The Lexus LC Hokkaido Edition will be available in coupe and convertible models. The new version will be offered in four colors – dark red, dark Red, dark gray Sonic Platinum, white F White and black Graphite. In case of replacement, you will have the choice of a black or red fabric roof.

The hallmark of the Hokkaido Edition will of course be the 21” wheels, the black radiator grille with bold black accents. In the interior, Lexus pays homage to the island itself. The combination of black and dark red is meant to evoke the volcanic landscape of the island of Hokkaido. The distribution of the color scheme is interesting. The driver’s area is circled in red, while the passenger seat is circled in black.

The Hokkaido Edition Limited can be paired with both engines. The LC 500h is a hybrid with a 3.5-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine that produces a combined power of 264 kW (359 hp) and 500 Nm of torque. The LC 500 variant is powered by a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine. In this case, the V8 engine has 341 kW (464 hp) and a torque of 540 Nm. Don’t expect any improvement in terms of engine or handling characteristics for the Hokkaido Edition.

Production of the Lexus LC Hokkaido Edition is limited to 80 units for the European market, 40 in the coupé version and 40 in the cabriolet version. The limited edition will go on sale next month.

Author: Dominik Kovar