Lexus is out: Supreme Court overturns purchase of luxury cars

Lexus is out: Supreme Court overturns purchase of luxury cars

One of the biggest controversies in recent days was dealt with by the Supreme Court following the restructuring of car fleets that they would implement this year.

As reported by La Tercera PM a few days ago, the highest court approved on February 2 the purchase of 22 Lexus brand cars with the aim of renewing the Toyota Camry that was bought eight years ago.

The problem arose when the amount that would be paid for the models was announced, a number that exceeded 1,250 million in total, since each Lexus ES 300h has a list value of 56,990,000%.

The large spending of money on luxury cars caused a series of negative emotions, so this morning it was decided to return and the Secretary of the Supreme Court, Jorge Sáez, made a public statement issued by the judges of the highest court in our country, reporting. that they are canceling the purchase of 22 Lexus brand vehicles.

“The Director of the Administrative Organization of the Court decided to cancel the approved agreement for the purchase of 22 Toyota Lexus (sic) ES 300h models, which was made by many members who participated in the decision,” said Sáez. in the information reproduced on TVN.

Among the reasons given for canceling the purchase of 22 Lexus, it was stated that the highest court was not oblivious to the emergency and that the reason for approving the purchase is due to the levels of environmental sustainability.

The controversial decision of the Supreme Court created a series of emotions. As shown in La Tercera, the Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, said that he preferred “not to refer” to decisions passed by other government authorities, indicating that “those powers” must be what is shown to describe criteria that made them make this kind of decision.

“One of the parameters can be security. “I just believe that there is a general parameter, which is related to the global situation of the country and that we can always have a sense of authority, within the framework, yes, of the parameters that are also important to protect security of citizens. authority,” he emphasized.

Comments also came from the former Minister of Finance Ignacio Briones, who remembered that he also had to decide on the future of certain purchases that the organization intended to make.

A request came from the Department of Justice to renew 100 luxury cars. With the adjournment of the case, I called the President of the Supreme Court and told him politely that, for obvious reasons, we will not accept the request.. I think he didn’t like my phone very much,” he commented to La Tercera a few days ago.