Lewis Hamilton: Here’s what he has to say about Red Bull Racing / Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton: Here’s what he has to say about Red Bull Racing / Formula 1

According to recent rumours, Lewis Hamilton’s representative has asked Red Bull Racing if there is any interest in signing the Brit. This is what the seven-time world champion says about it.

The most recent controversial story in the Formula 1 scene concerns a request from Lewis Hamilton’s representative at this year’s Red Bull Race. But the Mercedes star, who has extended his contract with the star brand’s factory team until the end of 2025, wants nothing to do with it.

When asked by “Sky Sports F1”, the seven-time world champion explained: “I don’t know where this story comes from, or rather, I know it comes from Christian (Horner, boss of the Red Bull Racing team, remember. ), but I don’t really understand what he is talking about. Because as far as I know, no one on my team has spoken to him.”

“I haven’t spoken to him for years. He approached me earlier this year about a meeting. But that’s what happened,” claimed the Brit. And he praised: “I can only congratulate Red Bull Racing on a great year and I hope that we can challenge them again in the near future.”

Hamilton admitted when asked that he would certainly welcome the opportunity to face Max Verstappen in the same car. “Red Bull Racing has done a great job and it’s a fantastic team. Every driver would love to drive for such a great team. But it’s not my dream to switch from a good car to a winning cockpit. Instead, the dream is to do some construction work in us until we can win again. That’s why I stay with Mercedes.”

World Championship Standings (after 21 of 22 Grand Prix)

the driver
01. Verstappen 549 points
02. Perez 273
03. Hamilton 232
04. Sainz 200
05. Alonso 200
06. Norris 195
07. Leclerc 188
08. Russell 160
09. Plate 89
10. Walk 73
11. Gas 62
12. Ocon 58
13. Albon 27
14. Tsunoda 13
15. Bota 10
16. Hulkenberg 9
17. Ricciardo 6
18. Zhou 6
19. Magnussen 3
20. Lawson 2
21. 1 Sergeant
22. De Vries 0

Builders Cup
01. Red Bull Racing 822 Punkte
02. Mercedes 392
03. Ferrari 388
04. McLaren 284
05. Aston Martin 273
06. Alpine 120
07. Williams 28
08. AlphaTauri 21
09. Alfa Romeo 16
10. Haas 12