Lewis Hamilton congratulating Vini Jr.  post-apartheid Spain: ‘Incredibly brave’

Lewis Hamilton congratulating Vini Jr. post-apartheid Spain: ‘Incredibly brave’

Before the first training sessions for Monaco Grand Prix, lewis hamilton commented on another case of racism have jr. during the game Spanish Championship. According to the seven-time world champion pilot, the position of the Brazilian striker is incredibly brave.

“It’s very sad to think that in 2023 we still have to see and hear these things. It brings me emotions from the things I’ve been through, whether it’s England or during the races in Italy, France or Spain. The things people say can be very hurtful. I think he was very brave” , said the driver in a conversation with journalists in Monaco.

During his career in System 1, Lewis Hamilton has established himself as one of the symbols in the fight against all forms of discrimination in motor sports. In recent seasons, despite the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) creating rules that prevent the possibility of placing drivers, Hamilton does not stop saying what he thinks about all subjects to try to reduce prejudice.

Lewis Hamilton has also experienced racism in Spain. During the 2008 season, when the Briton was at McLaren with Fernando Alonso, Hamilton was insulted during a test drive at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. In recent seasons wearing the jersey of Real Madrid, Vini Jr. has already added 10 cases of racism reported in LaLiga.

Understand the story of Vini Jr.

Vinícius Júnior of Brazil was once again a victim of racism in Spain. Some Valencia fans, who fought back to beat Real Madrid 1-0 on Sunday, shouted racist abuse at the Brazilian in the second half of the match, which was stopped and restarted by the referee because of the foul. .

In addition, the Brazilian who rebelled and was swayed by his opponents, was dismissed after a disagreement with striker Hugo Duro, who hit his hand. He picked up a yellow card, but after VAR reviewed the offer, he was sent off for arbitration.

The episode sparked outrage at Real Madrid, whose coach Carlo Ancelotti spent the entirety of his press conference talking about racism at the end of the match. The dispute escalated when LaLiga president Javier Tebas criticized Vinícius for complaining about the organization’s attitude towards cases of racism.

There are many episodes of racism against Vini Mdigo. Recently, the Brazilian testified in a Spanish court in the context of a trial in which he was called a “monkey” by a Mallorca fan in February this year. “It was not the first time, nor the second nor the third, racism is a normal thing in LaLiga, the competition thinks it is a normal thing, the federation also and the opponents are encouraging. I am very sorry. The championship that once belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi today belongs to racists,” said the athlete on his Twitter profile.

The Brazilian also warned about the image that Spain is going too far by allowing such attacks to take place in the country’s major sporting events. “A beautiful nation, which welcomed me and I love it, but which agreed to export the image of a racist country to the world. I feel sorry for the Spaniards who disagree, but today in Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racists.”