Lewis Capaldi tops the UK Albums Chart with “Broken By Desire…”

Lewis Capaldi tops the UK Albums Chart with “Broken By Desire…”

Lewis Capaldi debuted at the top of the UK Albums Chart with impressive numbers. “Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent” has sold 95,000 copies, more than 10 other copies combined.

The top 40 also had five more matches, with three of them in the top 10: “Take Me to Eden”, by Sleep Token, in third place, “Drastic Symphonies”, by Def Leppard and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, in fourth place. , and the “Phantomime” EP which features Ghost featuring Genesis, Iron Maiden, Television, The Stranglers and the recently deceased Tina Turner, on the eighth.

Further down, the newest works of veterans Paul Simon (“Seven Psalms” at number 28) and Yes (“Mirror To The Sky”, at number 30) premiered, along with “The Playlist”, by producer Steel Banglez ( 29°).

The top 10 was this:

1 – “Shattered by the Desire of Being Sent to Heaven” – Lewis Capaldi (first)
2 – “-” – Ed Sheeran (down one place)
3 – “Bring Me Back to Eden” – Sleepover (first)
4 – “Strong Symphonies” – Def Leppard (first)
5 – “Harry’s House” – Harry Styles (up to four places)
6 – “Highlights” – The Weekend (under two parts)
7 – “Renaissance” – Beyoncé (up six places)
8 – Phantomime” – Ghost (first)
9 – “SOS” – SZA (climbed ten places)
10 – “Midnights” – Taylor Swift (less than three places)

Singles Space

It topped the singles chart for the seventh time! and Calvin Harris’ “Miracle (With Ellie Goulding)” in the top 40 which saw several top-40 pop artists enter the top 40 for the first time. “Say Yes To Heaven”, Lana Del Rey entered at number nine, “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)” by Beyoncé at number 22, “Padam Padam” by Kylie Minogue at number 26, “Never Been in Love Before?” “, by Lewis Capaldi, at 28 and “Mourning”, by Post Malone, at 35. Finally, “Side Effects (With Lewis Thompson)”, written by Becky Hill, rose from 53rd to 40th place.

Here are the top 10:

Lana Del Rey

1 – “Miracle (With Ellie Goulding)” – Calvin Harris (same place)
2 – “Noon” – David Kushner (One Place Up)
3 – “I Wish You the Best” – Lewis Capaldi (two places)
4 – “Tattoo” – Loreen (dropped two parts)
5 – “Quiet” – Column (up two spaces)
6 – “React (Feat. Ella Henderson & Robert Miles)” – Switch Disco (up to two positions)
7 – “Eyes Closed” – Ed Sheeran (fell three places)
8 – “Give Me” – Jazzy (Top Six Places)
9 – “Say Yes To Heaven” – Lana Del Rey (first)
10 – “As It Was” – Harry Styles (top two)