Laurent Mekies leaves Ferrari for AlphaTauri

Laurent Mekies leaves Ferrari for AlphaTauri

The journey of the Ferrari executives seems to continue and this time it concerns the race director, Laurent Mekies, which the Italian publication Gazette dello Sport he wants to leave the famous F1 team and has already signed with AlphaTauri.


Last month David Sanchez, Ferrari’s Head of Concept Cars and Head of Aerodynamics, resigned from the Italian team to move to McLaren.

Earlier this year, reports in Italy had Alpine trying to poach Mekies from Ferrari, amid rumors that he was unhappy with Scuderia CEO Benedetto Vigna’s leadership style.


Vasseur then responded by insisting that Mekies remained committed to Ferrari, describing him as “one of the future pillars of the company”.

Furthermore Mekies, who was Mattia Binotto’s right-hand man, wanted to go to Formula 1 in a position close to F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. However, Vasseur resisted the wishes of Mekies, who was unhappy with Vigna’s management style.


Before joining Ferrari in 2018, following a stint as FIA safety chief and F1 deputy race director, Mekies previously worked at the Faenza team when it was called Minardi and Toro Rosso.

It is not known if Mekies will join AlphaTauri this year or in 2024.