Launch, cast, trailer and everything we know so far

Launch, cast, trailer and everything we know so far

After a period of absence from the screen, Jennifer Lawrence is back in full force. The famous actress, known for her great talent, recently starred in the films “Don’t Look” and “Causeway”, once again confirming her place among the top talents of Hollywood. In addition, he took a new step in his work by establishing his own production company, Excellent Cadaver, which gives him more freedom in choosing and realizing his projects.

Now, Lawrence joins other notable actresses such as Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis in taking control of her career and bringing her own films to life. Although many expected him to choose more prestigious projects, his latest choice, “No Hard Feelings,” is a modern comedy with a unique story and perspective that promises to delight critics and audiences alike.

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Date of issue and dispatch from No Hard Feelings

“No Hard Feelings” is scheduled to be released in theaters in North America on June 23, 2023. The film, directed by Gene Stupnitsky, will hit the big screen at the same time as “Asteroid City”, directed by Wes Anderson.

Previously, “No Hard Feelings” was scheduled to premiere on June 16, 2023, competing with major releases such as “The Flash”, based on DC Comics’ comic books, Pixar’s “Elemental” comedy and horror-comedy “The Blackening” by Lionsgate.

Access to streaming and trailers

While “No Hard Feelings” has sparked interest from streaming platforms like Netflix and Apple, Sony has acquired the film’s distribution rights. This means that, initially, the film will be released in theaters only. However, Sony already has an agreement with Netflix to make the film available later on the streaming platform, after the end of the theatrical window and PVOD (Video on Demand).

Sony Pictures released the first official trailer for “No Hard Feelings” on March 9, 2023. Set to Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl,” the trailer showcases the film’s fun and R-rated tone, with Jennifer Lawrence trying to seduce. Andrew Barth Feldman.

A second trailer, also rated R, was released by Sony Pictures on May 25, 2023, and asks the usual question “How far would you go in a Buick Regal?”. The 2-minute trailer, set to the song “All My Bitches” by Lourdiz, shows Jennifer Lawrence’s character trying to get close to Andrew Barth Feldman.


Jennifer Lawrence takes the lead role as Maddie, a woman in charge of teaching life lessons to this young man about to enter college. Lawrence began his career as a young actor on the sitcom “The Billy Engvall Show”. In 2010, she rose to fame with her role in “Winter’s Bone”, a film about a young woman’s journey in search of her missing father amid poverty and a dangerous drug trade.

Her performance was critically acclaimed and earned her her first Academy Award nomination, making her one of the youngest nominees in the Best Actress category. He established himself as a movie star with roles in “X-Men: First Class” and “The Hunger Games”, among other films. Lawrence has also received acclaim for her work with director David O. Russell on films such as “Joy”, “American Hustle” and “Silver Linings Playbook”, which ultimately earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Most recently, he starred in and produced “Causeway,” the story of an army veteran with traumatic brain injury who returns home and tries to adjust to his new life.

Andrew Barth Feldman stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence as Percy, the young man she mentors. Feldman may be new to the film industry, but he is a promising talent. Broadway fans will recognize him from his starring role in “Dear Evan Hansen” as the titular character, from 2019 to 2020. The film also stars Matthew Broderick, known for his 1980s teenage thriller roles, such as “Enjoying Life of Adoidado”. Laura Benanti and Natalie Morales, also Broadway stars, bring their talent to the cast. Ebon Moss-Bacharach, Scott MacArthur, Kyle Mooney and Hasan Minhaj round out the supporting cast.

Synopsis and production

“No Hard Feelings” has the central plot of an awkward young man from Long Island who is hired by a wealthy couple to socialize with their son before he enters college. The film is described as a comedy that has influences from “Professor Sem Classe” and “Dangerous Business”.

Sony’s official synopsis reads as follows:

“Maddie (Lawrence) believes she has found the solution to her financial problems when she discovers an interesting job ad: wealthy parents are looking for someone to “date” their 19-year-old son, Percy, and make him come out of his shell before he dies. Go to college. However, naive Percy proves to be more of a challenge than he bargained for, and time is running out. He has one summer to make a man or lose everything.

“No Hard Feelings” is directed by Gene Stupnitsky, known for his work on the TV series “The Office” and for directing the film “Good Boys”. In addition to acting, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the producers, along with other famous professionals in the film industry.

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