Latest Honda Vario 125 2023 Design: Advanced Motorcycle with Advanced Technology!

RIMBANEWS.COM – Get the latest information on the latest innovation from the Honda Vario 125 2023, a high quality scooter with advanced technology that will make your riding experience to the maximum.

Honda Vario 125 2023 comes with the latest innovations as an advanced scooter with advanced technology that will make your riding experience more fun and comfortable.

With various new features that offer increased performance, the Honda Vario 125 is the right choice to accompany your daily activities.

Compared to the previous model, the Honda Vario 125 2023 has a more modern and stylish design and has advanced technology that ensures better performance while driving.

Come, see more about the latest innovation from Honda Vario 125 2023!

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The Honda Vario 125cc 2023 model, which has just been released in Indonesia, has impressive specifications and is the right choice for you lovers of quality scooters.

In this model, Honda equips a 124.8cc engine with a liquid-cooled system and SOHC, so that it can produce a maximum power of 8.2 kilowatts at 8,500 RPM and a maximum torque of 10.8 NM at 5,000 RPM.

Not only that, Honda has also installed adequate safety features such as CBS braking system and Combi Braking System. The spacious seat travel distance, reaching 769 mm, provides comfort while driving.

With a wheel of 1280 mm and a weight of only 112 kg, this premium motorcycle is very easy to control in various fields.

Not only focused on performance, the Honda Vario 125cc 2023 model also comes with an elegant and modern design.

It has a fuel tank with a volume of 5.5 liters that can help travel long distances, as well as a seat box that reaches 18 liters and the ability to carry two helmets on the ground.

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