Last days of Fiat Egea campaign “Pay half after 1 year”!  4 days ago to buy a new car by paying 235,000 TL!

Last days of Fiat Egea campaign “Pay half after 1 year”! 4 days ago to buy a new car by paying 235,000 TL!

Fiat continues to beat its competitors with its wide fleet of vehicles. The Egea family, which has high-tech designs and strong dynamic lines, did not surprise this time either. The last days have come for those who want to buy a new car with zero kilometers for a long time or those who will renew their car. For those who have a certain amount of savings, this unique opportunity can also be evaluated with special car loan offers offered by the bank.


You can take advantage of this offer by paying 235 TL, which is valid for Fiat models, which have made a name for themselves in recent years, offering a powerful and enjoyable driving experience in terms of equipment. Additionally, Fiat offers an unmissable offer with a 24-month maturity.

Even the more powerfully equipped SUV models will be cheaper during Fiat’s campaign period. Those who paid half for the model to be selected from the Fiat Egea family in May will pay the balance a year later.


Fiat Egea payments after the 1-year campaign are subject to change in the sales price while the interest rates vary according to the nature of the loan and the type of customer. The credit campaigns are valid for all Egea models, the 2023 zero kilometer model. Individual customers who want to take advantage of the campaign, which is stock only, should approach the authorized sales representatives by June 1, 2023 and contact them.


Among the models of the Aegean family valid throughout the campaign, Cross, Cross Wagon, Sedan and Hatchback equipment can be explored. The current May sale price for each model, which makes the journey even better, can be viewed from the list below:

  • Model Fiat Egea Sedan 470.900 TL
  • Fiat Egea Hatchback model 535.900 TL
  • Fiat Egea Cross model 549.900 TL
  • Fiat Egea Cross Wagon model 825.900 TL