Land Rover, Queen Elizabeth’s favorite for 70 years

Land Rover, Queen Elizabeth’s favorite for 70 years

A British icon, a symbol of style but also of performance, able to navigate the streets of central London or the muddy countryside, always maintaining his typical British aplomb. There Land Roversespecially with models in various ranges, it is always known how to perfectly combine the call of the outside of the road with the characteristics of beauty and comfort. Like making domestic SUVs the favorite cars of Queen Elizabeth II. Even today, after 70 years of reign, the English King continues to travel in cars of the House of Gaydon, as The new Range Rover the protagonist of our test of the new version of Auto.

Land Rover, 70 years and the Queen

Queen Elizabeth’s garage has hosted and continues to host a long list of British luxury cars: from Rolls-Royce Phantom V to Bentley State Limousine, passing Jaguar, Aston Martin and, above all, Land Rover. His Highness, in fact, in his lifetime has owned about thirty House cars, mainly the Defender. The Queen’s long-standing love for Land Rovers: the first, Series 1, started in 1953. Since then, cars of the brand have often accompanied Elizabeth II, her husband and family in her daily activities, from hunting trips to walks with her grandchildren, to trips around the City. Until Prince Philip’s funeral, which he had done Defender TD5 130 special model just so that his coffin can be transported.

To be transported, but also to be guided: The Queen of course has many drivers, but he also likes to get behind the wheel himself. In fact, it is not uncommon to come across shots where the king is in the driver’s seat of one of his cars. Of course, even in this case, Land Rovers are always the preferred choice. After all, no one, except age, can prevent Elizabeth from driving: according to English rules, The Queen does not need a driving license, and can move freely even without a number plate.

His majesty he began his career as a driver during World War II, when he was assigned to drive the first aid truck for the Women’s Relief Area Service. Since then he has never wanted to give up the pleasure of driving, even when the duties of the ruler came. Even after turning 90 years old and celebrate its “platinum jubilee”.

Land Rover Defender, an electric restomod has a Tesla engine

From the first highway to the new Range Rover

Especially for the 70 years of the reign of Elizabeth II, celebrated with a jubilee at the beginning of June, Jaguar-Land Rover hosted a car parade which was attended, among others, by some of the cars featured in the 007 films. In addition to the Land Rovers that continue to be loved by the Queen, including the first model developed by House and launched at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show. The procession followed the same route as that which celebrated Elizabeth’s coronation 70 years ago, from The Mall to Buckingham Palace. At the event, Land Rover donated a Defender 130 to the British Red Cross.

Today the Gaydon home range has been enhanced with another new look, the fifth generation of the Range Rover. Leaping forward in all (Italian) design and build quality and attention to detail. We tested the diesel’s smaller hybrid version, the Profile D250, which is excellent in everything. Also in… price!

A full test of the new Range Rover is up new vehicle number at newsstands.