Lancia reveals the first drawings of its new Concept car  Lancia

Lancia reveals the first drawings of its new Concept car Lancia

executive director of the Italian brand, Mr. Luke Neapolitanrevealed the first models of the new model of the brand, which will be presented during the event “Emozione Poo+Ra” April 15.

Another important step in the revival of Lancia “takes shape”. As CEO of the Italian brand, Mr. Luca Napolitano, said: “His new model Lancia is the brand’s manifesto for the next ten years. It is a 100% electric car and is the evolution of Lancia’s three-pronged manifesto. Poo+Ra Zero which we presented last November.”

The new model is the first car of a new era for the brand, which carries a series of features, in terms of design, sustainability, technology and electric drive, that will be found in future Lancia production models. We remind you that according to the approved plan of Lancia, the brand in 2024 will present the new Ypsilon, two years later its new flagship and in 2028 the new Delta.

As mentioned by Mr. Neapolitan, “his new model Lancia will be presented on April 15 at the event “Emozione Poo+Ra” and I am sure it will please the friends of the brand around the world.

The new model has an innovative circular roof that guarantees a panoramic view, but also a high absorption of natural light. The style consists of geometric shapes, which blend perfectly with the curved lines of the car’s profile. At the same time, references to the history of the brand and its models, such as the legendary Stratos, are clear. At the same time, the glass surfaces of the rear side evoke the image of the Lancia Beta HPE of the 1970s, a car that apart from its high aesthetics also stood out for its very welcoming and bright interior.

You can watch the presentation of the Emozione Pu+Ra and the unveiling of the new Lancia model on April 15 through the link below:

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