Kvyat: “Maybe I will race in more series, but Lamborghini has priority”

Kvyat: “Maybe I will race in more series, but Lamborghini has priority”

Daniil Kvyat is getting closer to starting his new journey with the Lamborghini Squadra Corse Iron Lynx in WEC 2024. The Russian driver will race at the wheel of the only SC63 LMDh entered by the Sant’Agata Bolognese company (the other will race in IMSA with Andrea Caldarelli and other yet to be announced pilots ) and will share it with two other pilots.

One of these is Mirko Bortolotti, announced on the list of the World Endurance Championship less than a week ago. At the same time, Kvyat, with the important preparations with the SC63 that he will try again in the scheduled test this month, is working to understand if there might be the right things to put together a more complete program for 2024, perhaps running in a race. series specialized for single seats. .

“I haven’t decided yet whether I will participate in another series in 2024, but it will mean a lot,” Daniil said exclusively to Motorsport.com. “We are discussing. I would like to add another program because, especially with single seats, I feel very good.”

“On single-seaters everything seems natural to me, because I’ve raced with those cars all my life. If there’s a good opportunity I’ll definitely evaluate it. Otherwise I’ll focus entirely on the WEC.”

In this regard, the question of what his priority will be in the event of volunteering twice in two different groups in the same year suddenly arose. However, Kvyat gave a very accurate picture of which team will be with him in the event of the next events.

“Lamborghini will have absolute priority. If there is a match, I will compete with the SC63 in the WEC. Who knows, maybe there will be a chance and a championship without WEC alignment, but yes, Lamborghini is the priority.”

Photo by: Emanuele Clivati ​​| AG’s photo

Daniil Kvyat, Lamborghini Squadra Corse

Regarding his expectations for next season, the former Toro Rosso and Red Bull driver was very cautious. The SC63 is undergoing its final tests before its debut next March and it’s hard to get an accurate picture of where the LMDh from Bologna (with a Ligier chassis) might find itself compared to its direct competition.

“I am a person who is careful with expectations, I am very careful, we have to focus on our work, everyone in the team, be it mechanics, engineers, drivers must give their best and then the whole group is really big. talented. If each of us does our part and if we communicate well we will definitely be in a good position.”

A look at the situation related to the Balance of Performance (BoP) could not be missed. It is clear that from next year, with many producers involved, the balancing system will be of more fundamental importance and will have to be managed in an appropriate way, otherwise the risk is that of seeing the bank go bankrupt. And this is what WEC promoters will try with all their might to avoid.

“It will definitely be a difficult situation. But the goal of BOP is to give equal opportunities to all teams. The goal is to make LMh and LMDh fight together for victory. From this point of view there are teams. who have learned a lot this year.”

“We lack a little experience compared to others, but we hope that they have learned their lesson. But to have more than 8 manufacturers between LMh and LMDh is a very good thing, maybe a record. So the WEC is at its peak. , it’s a good time for the championship this,” concluded Kvyat.