KSI defeats Fournier by a controversial knockout

KSI defeats Fournier by a controversial knockout

Tommy Fury says he would stop KSI ‘very early’ in any fight coming up at Misfits 7

YouTube star KSI defeated Joe Fournier with a controversial kick on Saturday, causing the former boxer to accidentally take an elbow.

KSI, 29, landed the hardest punch during the first round of the exhibition fight at London’s Wembley Arena and tagged Fournier, 40, with a powerful right in Round 2. This was followed by an attempted right hook, by KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) instead makes contact with the elbow.

The blow knocked Fournier to the canvas and left him staring at the ceiling, unable to beat the referee’s count.

In a post-fight interview, KSI denied stopping his fellow Brit with his elbow, before calling Tommy Fury to the ring for a direct brawl, which ended with the pair splitting up. Earlier in the evening, Fury was spotted hanging out with Idris Virgo, his former colleague The island of love competitor, in the crowd.

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KSI vs Fournier LIVE: The class clown who changed the face of boxing

If the YouTube project “made sense” to his colleagues, so did his next step, when he released his first rap in 2015. “I remember he wrote a rap to learn all the elements on the periodic table and all the teachers were very happy. I was impressed,” he adds. classmate, but it was singing about supercars after leaving school that showed how much KSI’s life had changed. His debut single “Lamborghini” featuring P Money peaked at number 30 in the UK chart. It has since been followed by several EPs and two studio albums.

KSI’s next venture was unpredictable however.

“He was so sweet that no one would say, ‘Oh, he’s going to fight when he’s old,'” says a classmate. “When he did, it was like, ‘Oh, gosh. Well, I think he can, so who’s going to stop him?'”

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 08:00


Jake Paul Calls for KSI Disqualification for Controversial Elbow on Joe Fournier

Jake Paul said his opponent KSI was expected to lose the victory after accidentally elbowing Joe Fournier.

YouTube star KSI knocked out former professional boxer Fournier in the second round of the fight at London’s Wembley Arena after elbowing him as he attempted a right hook.

KSI, who landed the hardest punch during the first round, denied stopping Fournier with his elbow in the post-fight interview, but replays showed that contact was made.

Responding to a clip of the fight on social media, Paul said he “didn’t respect” the way the fight ended and demanded that KSI be stopped, or the controversial result be declared a no.

“I have a lot of respect for boxing to respect what it was”, Paul he tweeted. “If this was a real boxing match, it wouldn’t be considered a no contest or a disqualification.”

Jamie BraidwoodMay 14, 2023 7:08 am


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: The class clown who changed the face of boxing

JJ’s personality was tailor-made for YouTube, where he launched his channel ‘KSIOlajideBT’ in 2009 – four years after the platform started. Fifteen at the time, JJ quickly built a following by filming himself playing FIFA – the popular football video game – at his parents’ home in Watford. Her charming laugh was a key feature in every upload. “He always had that special laugh,” recalls a classmate. “I remember this. He would laugh at something during registration in the morning and the teachers would say, ‘JJ, please!'”

By the end of 2009, Olajide Olatunji had amassed 1,000 subscribers. That number tripled by the end of 2010, and Olatunji’s growth accelerated dramatically in 2011, when it reached 150,000 users, and in 2012, when it crossed the one million mark. JJ was KSI – meaning ‘The Power of Righteous Knowledge’ – and would soon become Britain’s most popular YouTuber.

“When he started appearing on YouTube, no one was surprised,” says the school student, “but you’d hear from people who knew him, ‘Wow, he’s definitely proud of himself now. He’s not sweet anymore, there’s a swagger there, he talks a lot about himself. He was more engaged when he was talking to people.’”

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 06:00


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: The class clown who changed the face of boxing

Before KSI, there was Olajide Olatunji – “JJ” for short. Before the YouTuber, dancer, rapper, boxer, promoter and energy drink guru, there was a friendship class clown in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

“I remember we made the movie Sweeney Todd,” says one of his classmates. Independence. “He played a judge, and when he died at the end, he was crawling with worms on the stage. Everyone was in stitches. He was funny, a good guy – everyone loved him for that. He was popular, but not like, ‘I’m the shit’; he was confident but he is also a silly, beautiful, sweet person.

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 05:00


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: Who will be the next YouTube star?

Tommy Fury isn’t the only opponent who could be KSI’s next opponent, though…

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 04:00


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: Tommy Fury brawls with a Love Island contestant in the crowd

Tommy Fury had a really busy night…

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 03:00


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: Tommy Fury predicts easy win over KSI

Here’s what Tommy Fury had to say about KSI, before their in-ring confrontation:

Watch: Tommy Fury Explains Why He Stopped KSI ‘Very Early’ In Any Match

Tommy Fury said that he would stop KSI “soon” if the pair faced each other in the boxing ring. After arriving to watch the YouTuber take on Joe Fournier in the main event of Misfits Boxing 7, Fury compared KSI to his previous opponent, Jake Paul. “This guy is worse than Jake Paul in my opinion, I believe if I fight KSI in the future he will be stopped very quickly,” he said. “He’s more passionate than Jake Paul, but that means you’re leaving yourself open.” Click here to subscribe to our newsletters.

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 02:00


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: Tommy Fury and KSI split in a fierce fight

Here’s what happened after the main event:

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 01:00


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: KSI wins by controversial knockout

Here is our main event report:

Alex PattleMay 14, 2023 00:00


KSI vs Fournier LIVE: KSI wins by controversial knockout

Alex PattleMay 13, 2023 11:12 pm