Kohai Infiniti X Moonton, Indonesia’s Sports Industry Ready to Create Equity

Kohai Infiniti X Moonton, Indonesia’s Sports Industry Ready to Create Equity

Kohai Infiniti has officially formed a partnership with Moonton that opens up opportunities for MLBB players to become top players/Photos/Rio E

JAKARTA – Kohai Infiniti is officially partnered with Moonton . Cooperation aims to make all players Phone Bang Bang Stories (MLBB) has an opportunity to be a great player.

Kohai Infiniti is a place for MLBB players to hone their skills. This platform will help gamers connect, build communities and compete at regional to international levels as well as participate in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Development League (MDL) gaming competition.

At the same time, Kohai Infiniti wants MLBB players to show their best abilities by participating in the weekly tournaments that have been provided. Through this platform, players of various levels can develop and compete to be the best.

The collaboration between Kohai Infiniti and Moonton Indonesia provides an exciting experience for MLBB fans in Indonesia. This partnership also allows players to connect and compete with players in Malaysia, with a major vision to grow in the South-East Asia (SEA) region.

Don Putu Hariswara as the Country Director of Kohai Infiniti said the partnership with Moonton aims to provide opportunities for MLBB players to become better players and develop the Indonesian esports industry. This led to the presence of new faces in the MLBB Indonesia competition.

“Obviously, apart from providing opportunities for all players, it also promotes the esports industry. We see that in Indonesia esports continues to grow. With this partnership, it can grow and create access for anyone for players to have equal access,” Don said. Putu Hariswara at The Westin Jakarta, Friday (26/5/2023).

Along with Don Putu Hariswara, Marketing Communications Manager of Moonton Indonesia, Azwin Nugraha hopes that the cooperation with Kohai Infiniti can give a new color to the esports industry in the country. He explained that new players could appear in MDL because the competition was generally open.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Kohal Infiniti and this is the kind of commitment we are making to develop the esports system in the country,” he said.

“This strategic partnership will create new opportunities for Mobile Legends Bang Bang players in Indonesia and the SEA region to connect, compete and showcase their talents on a big stage. Like MDL Indonesia which is currently open to the public, this partnership is expected to be a bridge to talented players to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional MLBB player,” he explained.

Currently, MLBB has hundreds of millions of monthly active users and growth potential for the partnership between Kohai Infiniti and Moonton to achieve 10-20 percent growth in the next few years. In addition, Kohai Infiniti intends to expand its reach to other Southeast Asian regions such as the Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.