Koenigsegg is now making carbon fiber parts for Tesla!

Koenigsegg is now making carbon fiber parts for Tesla!

THE Koenigsegg takes the part it makes from carbon fiber seriously. Take a closer look at any of the Swedish automaker’s creations and you’ll understand how much effort goes into each item. If we are talking about monocoque, body panels or even wheels, its carbon Koenigsegg it is perfectly integrated and expertly designed.

Back then, if you wanted a car made of carbon fiber Koenigseggyou will have to spend several hundred thousand euros to buy one with its brand Koenigsegg. But now, all you need is a Tesla to outfit it with its high-quality carbon fiber parts. Koenigsegg. This is due to a new partnership between them Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing and its improver Tesla, Performance Provided.

THE Performance Provided is one of its most popular aftermarket suppliers Tesla, offering accessories such as high-performance braking systems, suspension upgrades and exterior modifications. THE Performance Provided is even the company behind this very improved Pattern S Plaid who competed in Pikes Peak in 2021. In addition, Performance Provided is an official authorized service provider for Tesla vehicles, according to Electrek. Therefore, it is natural Koenigsegg cooperate with him to provide spare parts to customers.

As part of the launch series, the Performance Provided offers a range of carbon fiber spoilers for Example S, 3 and X. Additionally, carbon fiber front fenders are available for Example 3. Prices for spoilers range from $1,745 to $2,495, while cages go up to $8,895 per set. These numbers sound very expensive, but once you consider that the components are made from its unique carbon fiber mesh Koenigsegg and manufactured on the same assembly line with aerodynamic components targeted at its newest flagships Koenigseggthen maybe the price is quite good.

THE Performance Provided He says more features will follow in collaboration with him Koenigsegg later in 2022.