King Charles III Becomes Richer After Queen Elizabeth II Dies, His Wealth Reaches Rp.  34.2 trillion

King Charles III Becomes Richer After Queen Elizabeth II Dies, His Wealth Reaches Rp. 34.2 trillion, London – It is hard to deny that King Charles III and other members of the British royal family are one of the world’s news magnets. Movements, fashion sense, past scandals, and their wealth are almost always interesting topics to discuss.

Despite frequent surveys, in fact, reports do not list the Kingdom of Great Britain as the richest kingdom in the world. Call it a report SCMP in June 2022, which stated that the richest kingdom is Saudi Arabia with an estimated worth of US$ 1.4 trillion or IDR 20 quadrillion.

The same goes for websites internet richest, which put Saudi Arabia in first place by the same estimate.

SCMP and the wealthiest placed the UK in fifth place with an estimated worth of US$88 billion or around IDR 1.3 quadrillion.

Apart from the report, King Charles III himself is said to be getting richer. According to guards, after Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, the total net worth of Prince William and Prince Harry’s father was about 2.3 billion dollars or IDR 34.2 trillion.

CBS News claim, the current wealth of King Charles III exceeds that of Queen Elizabeth II during her lifetime.

Forbes reported, King Charles III inherited a fortune worth US$500 million or about IDR 7.4 trillion after his mother’s death. It is not known exactly what he inherited, but there are rumors that it included personal investments of Queen Elizabeth II, jewelry, property. real estate, and much more.

The exact figure of King Charles III’s wealth is obviously difficult for the public to know. However, the following number of net worth properties may be enough to explain the abundance of wealth from the in-laws of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

The following is a review as quoted from SCMPMonday (22/5/2023):