Killed in Indonesia, Infiniti showcases electric cars in the world

Killed in Indonesia, Infiniti showcases electric cars in the world

Tokyo – Nissan’s premium brand, Infiniti, seems to have nothing to do with the Indonesian market. Because they could not compete with other luxury brands, Infiniti withdrew from Indonesia. However, it does not make Infiniti to remain silent in the world competition of electric cars.

As quoted by autoevolution, on Monday (12/17/2018), Infiniti announced that they will release their first crossover electric car. The car has a completely new design, and will be ready for launch in 2021.

Indeed, there is no detailed data on what tests will be released. However, when viewed from the perspective of the complexity generated by electricity, it is likely that this example will have very internal aspects.
If I can predict, the exterior design that will be presented cannot be separated from the concept cars that have been shown, such as the Q inspiration concept car and the Prototype 10.

“You can clearly see that in the future Infiniti will also enter the era of electric vehicles,” Infiniti Head of Design Karim Habib said.

“We will introduce this concept car in Detroit, as a new era from Infiniti. Electric power and the latest technologies give us the opportunity to explore our designs,” added Karim.

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