Kia’s new logo is confusing: KN searches are on the rise

Kia’s new logo is confusing: KN searches are on the rise

As you know, the Kia brand was at the beginning of last year. change the logo they are gone. The auto giant is now using its modern, updated logo without a circular frame and a different font. However, this caused serious problems. Because many people use the KIA text on the new logo. like KN reading.

About KN car brand on Google every month from 30,000 It turned out that many people were looking. In fact, this figure has been stable since last summer, when Kia began to completely change the logo on its current models. increase. The new logo replaces the old logo that the Korean manufacturer has been using since 1994.

Frequently asked questions

Questions about the KN car brand also came up on the Reddit forum. one of the users Kia CarnivalHe shared a photo of . and asked what brand this car was. According to Google Trends, the new Kia logo is not only for Americans, but for those living in Australia, Canada and the UK. it’s confusing.

Let’s remember that the most frequent search queries are “KN SUV”, “KN car price” and KN electric cars. encouraging his dedication to creating moments, his symmetry honestyHe says it signifies.

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