Kia Plans to Build V2L System into Every Electric Vehicle

Kia Plans to Build V2L System into Every Electric Vehicle – Kia plans to make its electric vehicles more enjoyable to own and in particular take advantage of advanced battery technology and improved charging options.

The service is called Kia Connect, to promote the connection between cars, services and data providers. How it works is possible directly through Kia’s Connected Car Cloud, providing real-time updates and information.

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Kia Europe Vice President of Marketing and Product, Sjoerd Knipping said, “Starting with the new EV9, Kia is working to make EVs fully connected and future-ready allowing vehicles to be updated as new innovations and features become available.”

Kia Smart Charging System

Kia also launched a new program called Kia Charge. The app features the most comprehensive charging available for EV owners, including more than 500,000 charging stations in 28 countries in Europe. Kia also has a number of regional partnerships across Europe and aims to build 30,000 new fast chargers by 2030.

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The South Korean automaker has also doubled down on the Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) feature it introduced with the Kia EV6. This system allows the owner to power 110V/220V devices via the EV6 battery. In the new EV9, it also includes a Vehicle-to-Home (V2B/V2H) system that can use the SUV’s 99.8 kWh battery to power a home for 5 to 10 days.

Apart from that, the Kia EV9 also enables Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) which means it can feed excess energy back into the national grid. Kia ultimately envisions a world where thousands of EVs can be connected to the power grid and function as power plants for short periods of time.