Kia Niro has a difference in quality and design

Kia Niro has a difference in quality and design

Kia is outpacing Hyundai in the strong markets of North America and Europe, where generations of big Kias that didn’t make it to Brazil favored first-world consumers. O come on The Niro joins the brand’s new generation of hybrid SUVs and is succeeding in the North American market. Launched in Brazil in the second half of 2022, it has a smart function. Undoubtedly, there is a lack of marketing and promotion worthy of the brand in the Brazilian market.

O Niro convinces it is already in the showroom for its innovative and modern design. The SUV’s discreet but attractive “acupezado” shape is convincing. And the boomerang rear lights with clear inspiration from Volvo SUVs stand out and match the rear set. It is a hybrid that uses a Kappa 1.6 GDI combustion engine and an electric motor, which together produce 141 hp. In the next division of 105 hp for the combustion engine and the rest is for the electric motor, which is always an addition to the combustion power.

In the interaction between the two engines comes 14.7 kgfm. It is a strong torque that allows people to move in urban traffic and very quickly on the highway, but thanks to the electric engine and its interaction with the combustion controlled by electronics that leads to exceptional fuel economy.

The Niro easily achieves 25 per liter in the city and on the highway. The extensive use of artificial intelligence means that sensors and computers constantly analyze the driving conditions and characteristics of the vehicle so that the SUV’s systems can adapt.

It is an SUV that gives the driver complete confidence in its effects. On the highway, it shows the integrity of the new K3 platform, one of the highest in the world. The stability is impossible, the behavior in the curves is very reliable and the high level of torsional rigidity produces absolute silence in the passenger room, which together with the many finishing foods in the interior and the unique ergonomics on the seats, are reasons for extreme comfort.

Kia is a fake brand the most demanding markets of the world and conqueror. The Niro’s technology upgrade ensures the quality displayed on a beautiful and attractive panel with two 10.25-inch screens in the same frame. There is an original disc-shaped shift lever, an ergonomic sports steering wheel, 18-inch alloy wheels, with an original design. There are many elements of comfort, convenience and safety that justify the purchase of the Niro. The SUV was chosen as the best car in the world in 2023 by a jury made up of 63 female journalists from 43 countries on five continents. They made the right choice.

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