“Join the Porsche Ride” – Forum at Le Mans on climate change issues – 4Legend.com – AudiPassion.com

“Join the Porsche Ride” – Forum at Le Mans on climate change issues – 4Legend.com – AudiPassion.com

In June 2022, Porsche launched a more sustainable development program called “Join the Porsche Ride”. As part of this initiative, the Porsche Taycan, which is an ambassador, will travel across five continents over the next few years to carry the brand’s message. After the first stop at the Porsche site in Leipzig, then Switzerland in the summer of 2022, the Taycan “Join the Porsche Riders” stopped in France.

Porsche France already supports associations working in the health field to help children achieve their dreams. The French subsidiary of Porsche is now continuing its social mission by launching an environmental awareness campaign. Indeed, Porsche is striving to establish a carbon-neutral value chain by 2030, including in the phase of use of electric vehicles. With this in mind, Porsche intends to contribute to increasing the public’s awareness of environmental issues, and works with this goal in particular with the children who represent our future. This awareness-raising step is essential for the emergence of a carbon-free world. Through this program, Porsche France is committed to providing children with ways to be environmentally responsible every day and a more sustainable way of life.

Climate change, which is a major concern in today’s world, will undoubtedly affect many aspects of our lives in the future. This is not a mature topic. Children can and should understand current environmental issues and understand the challenges that need to be solved. Many are already aware of the environmental issues of today’s world. At school, on the internet or with their friends, these are often discussed topics. However, some are completely unaware of environmental protection. Either way, it is important that children have a thorough understanding of the causes and processes at work that explain climate change and its consequences.

To this end, Porsche France is collaborating with a civic education cooperative movement called e-graine, which aims to promote citizen empowerment on subjects such as sustainability, inclusion and the improvement of local areas. As part of the “Join a Porsche Ride” initiative, Porsche France has created a climate workshop for children attending a summer camp in Le Mans. Through fun activities, the youth learned to better understand the causes and effects of climate change. They were also able to discuss everyday actions that help protect the environment. In addition, they were introduced to green mobility in other workshops and were able to taste meals made only with plant-based foods.

“Our goal is to promote critical thinking. The intention of our action in favor of environmental education is to change behavior, because children are the adults of tomorrow. Tomorrow, they will spend, buy cars, houses. If we educate them now, they will make better decisions for the planet and environment later in life. »insists Julien, volunteer in e-graine.

The activities took place at the Porsche Experience Center in Le Mans, on the edge of the famous 24 Hours circuit of the WEC championship, as a sign of Porsche France’s commitment to the French region.

“I am very happy that we can organize the third leg of the ‘Join a Porsche Ride’ tour here at Le Mans. Le Mans is the heart of Porsche’s history, but it is also a laboratory that allows the brand to develop ideas for the future. Today we invited children. We planned Two workshops with the e-grain cooperative movement where we were able to discuss the future, sustainability, and create a link with education. »said Marc Meurer, Managing Director of Porsche France.

After the start of Le Mans, Porsche France intends to continue this project in the long term with visits to schools in France, which will help raise children’s awareness of climate change and give them ways to take action on behalf of the environment.

Photo: Porsche