Jogja El300 Community Holds Kopdarnas, Thousands of Elsapek Pickup Owners from Indonesia Gather

Jogja El300 Community Holds Kopdarnas, Thousands of Elsapek Pickup Owners from Indonesia Gather

SLEMAN-The association of Mitsubishi L300 car owners in Yogyakarta, the Jogja El300 Association (JEC) will organize an event. collection for the head Kopdarnas L300 Bestienya Commerce in Banyunibo Temple, Sleman, Sunday (8/5/2023).

This event will be attended by approximately 1,000 JEC members. It will also be a time to celebrate eight years since the establishment of the community. Apart from JEC, ELTITUSI community members from all sides were also present chapter in Indonesia. Members of this community are loyal Mitsubishi L300 customers who have used this commercial vehicle for generations.

Events this also received thanks and full support from PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI).

General Manager of PT MMKSI’s Marketing Communications and PR Division, Intan Vidiasari hopes Kopdarnas L300 Bestienya Commerce which coincides with the eight-year anniversary of the JEC community, increasing the solidarity of the L300 car owner community. Through this event it is also hoped that the relationship between the community and MMKSI can be maintained, providing mutual support and encouraging each other.

For information, Mitsubishi L300 or also known as Eltus Elsapek has been in Indonesia since 1981 and has been a parallel partner with entrepreneurs. The power and benefits of this model have been proven directly by the people of Indonesia.

This model is known as a car that is reliable in all aspects, easy to maintain, and always loyal to its owners in achieving success in their business or business. Not surprisingly, the community of Mitsubishi L300 owners continues to grow and become stronger.

“Thank you to the members of the JEC community who have been loyal to use the Mitsubishi L300. The support, enthusiasm and commitment of the community has contributed significantly to the existence of this model that has been present in Indonesia for more than 4 decades and has become a reliable brand and parallel partner with entrepreneurs in Indonesia ,” said Intan Vidiasari. .

The agenda of L300 Bestenya Niaga Kopdarnas is set in an activity full of friendship and fun. Participants will not only share experiences with other community members, but will have the opportunity to discuss directly with several experts from MMKSI on various issues regarding the L300 from a product and after-sales perspective.

Bestienya Niaga L300 Kopdarnas Committee Chairman, Sri Susanto, said that the Kopdarnas L300 community is indeed one of the regular agendas of L300 owners every six months.

“This Kopdarnas coincides with JEC’s 8th anniversary and will be attended by thousands of people from L300 different communities,” said Sri. Kopdarnas members who have been confirmed to attend come from various regions in Indonesia, starting from near Java and there will also be a community of L300 from Sumatra.

Sri said that Kopdarnas was not only a place to gather with relatives. “Through events Usually, community members can expand their business networks and even find new business opportunities.” This speed was also used by members to meet and share experiences and knowledge about the Mitsubishi L300.

Kopdarnas L300 Bestienya Niaga will be filled with several main activities, which are visiting, workshops, talk shows, test drives, and entertainment.

Visiting as the first agenda before the climax of the event at Banyunibo Temple, is a trip around several interesting places in the Jogja region using a Mitsubishi L300. way to visit is Banyunibo Temple–Ijo Temple–Tebing Breksi–return to Banyunibo Temple with a total distance of 15 km, followed by 50–100 L300 units.

“So we hope that this activity will also help to promote the tourism potential of the Banyunibo Temple and its environment which may not be well known to the public,” said Sri. With the presence of the local market and the local community, this one-day event is also expected to help increase the economic potential of the area.

Meanwhile for the agenda he gives the testparticipants were also given the opportunity to he gives the test Mitsubishi L300 Euro 4. Participants are invited to know and see the changes in this model first. With the opportunity to directly test the L300 car that has been tested in various fields with a full load that has reached more than 50,000 kilometers.


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