Jeep’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Package Lets Fans Live Out Their Fantasy

Jeep’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Package Lets Fans Live Out Their Fantasy

Upon its theatrical debut in the summer of 1993, Jurassic Park indelibly etched indomitable imagery of resonant T. rexes and cunning Velociraptors into the psyches of cinema patrons. For certain enthusiasts, however, the preeminent attractions were not solely the colossal prehistoric creatures but also the array of awe-inspiring vehicles—ranging from the distinctive autonomous Ford Explorers adorned with stripes to the Jeep Wrangler YJs outfitted with crimson wheels and corresponding “JP” liveries. Presently, Jeep is launching a stylistic configuration influenced by the inaugural cinematic opus, thereby enabling aficionados to vicariously immerse themselves in their cherished reveries.

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Jurassic Park-Inspired Jeep Wranglers

In commemoration of the three-decade milestone since the original film’s debut, Jeep is celebrating the seminal role played by the 1992 Wrangler YJ Sahara through its novel Jurassic Park package. This all-encompassing offering incorporates insignias on the doors, graphic motifs embellishing the lateral aspect of the hood, and numerical designations featured on the center of the hood, front fender vents, and the tailgate handle. Furthermore, an enumerated shifter insert inscribed with the words “T. rex” is included, while connoisseurs have the option to acquire, for an added fee, a transfer case shifter insert bedecked with a textured grassy island.

The Jurassic Park package is available in two distinct variants—one encompassing the transfer case shifter insert and the other without it. The former configuration commands a price of $550, whereas the latter demands $650. Jeep has meticulously curated a limited batch of 100 packages, each distinguished by unique numbering, which will be exclusively retailed through its Graphic Studio website. The meticulously crafted decals are engineered to seamlessly accommodate all Gladiators and JL-generation Wranglers produced between 2018 and 2024.

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Undeniably, Jeep’s freshly minted Jurassic Park appearance package may not find universal appeal, which partly accounts for the company’s decision to produce a relatively small quantity. While we refrain from suggesting its installation on our daily commuter, it is evident that Jeep enthusiasts revel in the art of personalized customization. Hence, for devoted adherents of Jurassic Park who fall into this particular demographic, our ardent hope is that the package would more faithfully mirror the vehicular embodiment depicted in the cinematic masterpiece.

The YJ Wrangler exemplified in the aforementioned imagery constitutes an authentic reproduction meticulously crafted by Razorfly Studios, a North Carolina-based enterprise specializing in fastidious replicas of emblematic movie cars (referred to in our comprehensive feature). Notable aspects include the red-painted wheels complementing the coordinating body stripes, as well as the conspicuous light bar, winch, and CB antenna. Regrettably, these embellishments do not form part of Jeep’s graphic package. Admittedly, while the inclusion of such features might conceivably elevate the price point, we firmly believe that the experience of piloting a Wrangler akin to the one that outpaced a T. rex in Spielberg’s original opus would be unequivocally priceless.