Jeep Renegade Launched in Turkey: Here’s the Price

Jeep launched a special edition Renegade for its 80th birthday. The company, which also campaigned for this model, has put a new style on the roads that are already full of SUVs. So what does the 80th anniversary Jeep Renegade offer consumers?

Jeep, one of the best-selling car brands in Turkey, 80th birthday launched a special campaign for One of the most popular tools within the scope of this campaign, a rebelThe company, which created a special edition of , has also brought the price of the base model of this car to a reasonable level. According to the information provided, special models of the 80th anniversary will not be limited to the Renegade.

Turkey, Examples of SUV cars loves too much. Being aware of this situation, Jeep almost developed the Renegade model, which is also suitable for city use. at the selling price It is sold in Turkey. The car, which will affect the public in terms of design and equipment features, seems to be regularly on the road in the future. How about coverage of the Jeep campaign? SUVWhat does it offer the user?

Introducing the 80th anniversary Jeep Renegade

Specially designed for the 80th anniversary, the Renegade features a seven-part front grille, Size 18 inches It comes with gray colored wheels, special logo placement and attractive color options. Tinted windows and LED lights have also made the design of the 80th anniversary Renegade more attractive. Also, this car is Jeep standard road characteristics also includes

When we look at the interior design of the special edition car, it was specially prepared for the year 80. leather chair design We see. Additionally, we come across features such as heated seats and steering wheel and a sunroof that can be opened as standard in all versions of this model. The display screen, which we can call half ghost, 8.4 inches a multimedia screen and speakers with the Jeep logo are also among the welcome features in the interior design.

A special edition sold in Turkey, 1.3-liter four-cylinder it has an engine. The car, which comes with an engine that produces 150 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque, is mated to a DDCT transmission. Jeep Renegade, which will not be bad in terms of technology, has lane departure warning, cruise control, collision warning, recognition of traffic signsIt has some features like parking sensor and blind spot warning system.

Jeep Renegade, which has all these features, 314 thousand 950 TLIt can be purchased at a price starting from . If you want to buy an edition specially created for the 80th anniversary, you have to pay 449 thousand 950 TL to be determined as.