Japanese Aspark Owl sets 2 new world speed records

Japanese Aspark Owl sets 2 new world speed records

Japan’s 1,985 hp Aspark Owl electric supercar has set 2 world speed records.

A few days after Rimac -Aspark’s direct competitor company- has managed to decline overall 23 records together with Never, it’s time for the Japanese to celebrate, as the Aspark Owl electric supercar has set 2 world records. One of them saw an Aspark Owl … “flying” 400 meters, with an average speed of 319 km / h. We repeat: Moderate speed! No speed to give…

Indeed, breaking 2 records in one day is not the same as breaking… 23, however, the nature of Aspark Owl’s records is slightly different from the – more common records – broken by Nevera. 2 Aspark Owl records were set at Elvington Airport in England, a location that those in the know will remember from Top Gear’s Richard Hammond’s fatal crash in 2006.

The first record was for the average speed of 200 meters, where the Aspark Owl maintained a speed of… 309 km/h, while the average speed of 400 meters was 319 km/h. The small difference between the 2 interesting numbers helps us to understand how the Owl accelerates from rest, to the final 400 kilometers per hour.

There has been no report of an acceleration record from Aspark, however, the Owl previously clocked a 0-60mph (97km/h) time of 1.72 seconds, with the Japanese claiming the car can do the same in under 1.7 seconds. This is possible thanks to 4 Owl electric motors, with a combined power of 1,985 hp and 2,000 Nm of torque.

The flagship Aspark is powered by a small 64kWh battery which, despite its size, the Japanese brand says offers a range of over 450km. Aspark will build just 50 examples of the Owl, which start at 2.9 million euros.

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